What Happens in Dallas Stays in Dallas — Except When There’s a Blogpost

It’s been a long time between posts, and the guilt is almost too much. Please, please forgive me … oh, what, you didn’t notice I was gone? Okay, (pouts out bottom lip in realisation that I’m not the centre of the universe). Even though you’re not that interested, I’ll tell you about my trip and book signing in Dallas Tex ass, ahem, Texas.

It had started off as me wanting to meet my American author friends and it turned into an amazing group-book-signing at Half Price Bookstore flagship store in Dallas and several nights of going to bed at 3 am, which was good because it meant no jet lag when I came home, as 3 am Dallas time is 7 pm Sydney time.

Dallas was full of friendly people, although they tend to drive on the wrong side of the road and it was rather frightening. And I felt like I was being watched by Big Brother, or maybe it was just a giant eyeball. I was disappointed not to see any shootouts or men in chaps (my Texan friends got me there on false pretences, although they were right about the chocolate—it was gooooood).

I'm watching you...
I’m watching you…

I’d like to thank all the readers who attended the book signing — it was so awesome to meet you. I’d also like to thank my friend, author Amber Jerome-Norrgard for organising the whole event, and author Scott Morgan for minding my boxes of books and carrying them around the place. And thanks to those two for their welcoming Texan hospitality. It was the trip of a lifetime, meeting my author friends, and I have a feeling we’ve cemented friendships that could survive into crabby old age :).

17 Awesome Authors at 1 mega book-signing
17 Awesome Authors at 1 mega book-signing

I’m keeping this short and sweet because now that I’m back, I have a lot more blog posts to write (the flip side to gallivanting around the world — reality always catches up with you). Ciao for now :).

Action-packed Paranormal Romance on Sale!

Everyone loves a sale, and, although I don’t do a lot of promotion for other authors on my blog, this is one author I’m happy to share with everyone. Charity writes fast-paced books with fantastic characters, humour and heat. If you like paranormal romance which is unpredictable, you should grab your copy now!

The Society of Sinners will be on sale from 14th May, for 0.99. Snag your copy now from the following outlets, before the price increases.

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All Romance Ebooks:https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-thesocietyofsinners-1148947-139.html

The Society of Sinners
The Society of Sinners


“Evil lives in the dark. We instinctively know this as children.”
Nestled high in the mountains…

The quiet community of Jackson Station is where everyone knows your name and…species?

Vampires have existed since almost the beginning of time, but not in the way we have been led to believe. These were not men cursed by the devil but warriors blessed by God to have great strength, agility, and eternal life.
Eternal life came at a price, the price of human blood. Some chose to live within their own society; The Society of Sinners.

This is the first in Charity Parkerson’s new sinners series introducing a paranormal world filled with vampires, werewolves, changeling, and God’s greatest warrior.


He was cloaked from head to toe in black, with black leather gloves covering both hands. His odd hair color of black, blonde, and red stood out starkly against the absence of color in his clothing. A pair of dark shades covered his eyes, hiding his true identity, but Mika was no fool; that was a trap she wouldn’t fall for again.
There was a matching chair to one side of his that was separated only by a small round table. She fancied it was something an old married couple would do, kicking back in recliners next to each other at the end of a long day. She threw herself down wearily in the chair next to him.

“Hello, Dimitri, it has been awhile.”

“You do not seem surprised to see me.”

“Well, I heard you were kicking up trouble again.”

“Are they mad about the dog?” he asked, incredulous. “Gabe’s a tough guy; he would’ve survived it.”

“I’m not going to lie. Gabe is pretty pissed, but I think it has more to do with the other shit you’ve done over the years. Now I hear you can change into anything,” she added. “You’re getting better. It used to only be other people.”

Dimitri shrugged with indifference. “What do they plan?”

Mika shrugged as well. “To trap you and run some tests on your blood. I don’t know what they plan after that. You’ll probably be judged for your crimes.”

A low chuckle sounded from deep within his chest. “How do they intend to trap me?” He thought for a moment, then added, “Perhaps they think to wait until I turn into a bird, and then they’ll put me in a cage. Then I shall turn into a lion just to watch their faces as the cage is destroyed underneath my weight.” He laughed at his own description.

Mika leaned back in her chair, crossing her feet at the ankles, matching Dimitri’s pose.

“I do not know,” she answered tiredly.

He turned his head to watch her, his expression hidden from her behind his dark glasses. They simply stared at one another for a moment before he whispered, “Perhaps they think you will convince me to turn myself in if only you ask.”

“Do you break my heart on purpose?” she asked, a tear slipping from the corner of her eye. “By looking at me with his face and talking to me using his voice?”

He looked away before answering. “Yes,” then after a moment, he whispered, “No.”
He pushed from his chair and moved to stand over her. Using his foot, he kicked her chair closed while pulling her to her feet. He wrapped her in his embrace, and she went willingly, feeling her heart crack open anew at the feel of Dominic’s body against hers, even though mentally she knew it was only an illusion. He lowered his head to hers, giving her the chance to say “no,” but when the words never came, he brushed her lips with his own. Her tears fell unchecked between them, but, undeterred, he deepened the kiss while searching for the hem of her shirt with his fingertips. He pulled away only long enough to tug the shirt over her head, then returned to her mouth. She kissed him back just as fiercely, trying desperately to cling to the dream of Dominic. Her bra fell away beneath his fingers and his hot tongue moved from her lips to her breast. He sucked lightly, drawing her pebbled nipple in between his teeth. A moan escaped from her chest as he moved back up to her neck, and she felt his sharp teeth scratch against her skin. She tugged his hair with both hands, pulling him away. “If there is a shred of love in your heart for me, you will not do this to me while wearing his face.”

Before her eyes, his features transformed back to those of Dimitri’s and he looked at her from his own familiar face. Reaching up, she removed his sunglasses, revealing his light-blue eyes. His dark-red hair was similar to hers in coloration, and a light smattering of freckles across his nose left him with a look of innocence that caused women to flock to him over the ages. He looked like a boy of nineteen instead of a man who had lived for centuries.

“That’s better,” she breathed, drawing him close to her in a kiss so hot he was left panting.

Here’s one I wrote a while ago, when I had about 100 followers on Twitter. Thought all the new people who read my blog might like it :).

Dionne Lister - Author

Husband and I were in the car, me driving.  I had just helped him move his dinghy and been pushed into a bush; no biggie, right?  We were on our way to a friend’s place via a busy road with no lanes in which to pullover.  I felt something delicately feather my ear so I went to move my hair, which I remembered was in a bun and was not touching my ear.  OMG!  The ‘hair’ that I’d tried to brush away ran on eight furry feet, all the way across my forehead!  Shit, shit!  I flicked at my head to remove the massive huntsman, all whilst trying not to swerve out of my lane or crash into a telegraph pole.  One of my flicks brought success and he flew into the passenger side near my husband’s legs, which were now kicking in a mad frenzy.

Both of us freaked…

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Just wanted to remind people what a great book this is :). If you like fantasy, check it out!

Dionne Lister - Author

We recently had Edward Lazellari as a guest on Tweep Nation, but don’t let that fool you—my review is honest (just ask Amber how hard it is to get 5 stars from moi). This was one hellava good book. Read on…

I’m not normally into fantasy set in the ‘real’ world, as I love dragons and traditional fantasy worlds, however, this book changed that. The author is skilled at creating atmosphere and drawing a clear picture without overdoing it. Without giving too much away, the setting is in present-day United States with main characters who are of another time and place. I would call this an epic in the sense that there is a battle of good against evil and there is certainly a race against time. The tension present in this book ensures you’ll be turning the pages, eager to find out what happens next.

The characters were three-dimensional…

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Dionne Lister - Author

Like lots of you out there, I love watching movies.  I love funny films, drama, quirky, action – you name it, I’ll watch it, however, there are instances in a lot of movies where I cringe and think, ‘Not again.  Why, oh why is this happening?  Please stop, now!”  Here are my top moments in films where I want to slap the director about the head and scream.

5.  Maybe it’s just me, but why does the gorgeous, twenty something woman with a hot body, awesome personality and face to die for, always fall in love with the fat/old/bald/emotionally retarded guy who was a loser but manages to win her anyway, thus making him into a wonder guy.  Is this reality?  The majority of times, in reality, this only happens if the guy is rich or famous (or both), period.

4.  I love a good gunfight, but in some films…

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Dionne Lister - Author

Hello, how is everyone?  Today I’m talking about takeaway food, you know, the sort that is prepared and cooked by somebody else, in a place you have no control over.  How safe is it to eat takeaway or café food?  How do you pick where it is safe to eat?  I’m not too sure, and if my experiences are anything to go by, I’m not great at picking.

One day at work I was contemplating what to get for lunch, as you do, and after much consideration I picked a small Asian food place that I had never gotten food from before.  I think I had been turned off by the orange bird carcasses hanging from hooks in the window, but they had been marinated and I knew they were supposed to taste sweet and savoury, something that can be quite yummy.  Bird carcasses aside I went in and ordered…

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Tweep Nation gets Down with Danni P and Ghetto Chicken

Danielle is a sassy woman who loves writing poetry and songs and she does a great job of it. Our laughing and swearing reaches new heights on episode 33, maybe it’s to compensate for not swearing last week, who can say? Bobbi Jo reads one of Danielle’s songs (she can’t sing) and at the end of the show, for your listening pleasure, is the rap song Danni recorded for us in homage to our gluing-butt-cheeks episode. Press play and enjoy the Tweep Nation ride :).