Witch Cursed in Westerham

Book 10: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cozy Mystery

Book ten in the bestselling paranormal cozy mystery series set in Westerham, England. When a curse hits the PIB, everyone’s magic goes awry. While Lily can see the funny side of it, it’s not a joke—someone wants the PIB out of the way. When a swathe of major crimes are committed, the PIB team are helpless. They need to find a cure, and fast, or their whole organisation could be disbanded… for good.

With the powers that be looking for any excuse to fire Angelica, Lily needs to step up. With the threat of a major crime that could kill hundreds of people and decimate a London landmark looming, time is quickly running out. But will Lily and her friends get their magic working properly in time, or will they lose both the battle and the war?