Hi, I’m a writer and editor from Sydney.  I have an Associate Degree of Creative writing through Southern Cross University.

I love reading, writing and entertaining people with my stories.

I write books, web copy, articles, suspenseful short stories and my blog posts try to be funny.  I’ve also released an action-packed epic fantasy/adventure trilogy, adult epic fantasy, and a book of suspenseful short stories. I’ve recently spoken at the Sydney Writers Festival, which was a wonderful experience.

As my tag on twitter says, “I love sharing my stories but I wish they wouldn’t keep me awake at night.” You can find my stuff on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes. Come join me on Twitter @DionneLister or Facebook.

I hope you enjoy your visit 🙂


That’s me.

25 responses to “About

  1. HI Dionne

    Is there a place for me to subscribe by email?

    I’ve read some of these!


  2. Hmm Justin, I’ll have to figure that one out. I’m sure there would be an option, I’ll just have to activate it.

  3. He, he, I’ve done it! Gee I’m learning a lot this afternoon.

  4. I’m now a subscriber! Yippeee Hooray 🙂 That’s the only way to subscribe to my new blog too…I kind of like getting the emails… I can read them there and then comment by pressing a button, which takes me back to the blog. Good job navigating behind the scenes here at WordPress.

  5. Thanks Justin, now I’m going to hook up to yours 🙂 You are my first subscriber so you get a massive bear hug!

  6. Well, we’re trendsetters – expect a big rush now lol.

  7. Hi Dionne. I saw you over on Jennifer Eaton’s blog so I thought i would stop by and say hello. I saw your book, Shadow of the Realm on another blog a few minutes ago. Way cool. I’d buy the book based on the cover alone. Love dragons and that cat in there is pretty wicked. Best of luck to you and your novel.

  8. Hello dionne I love the pictures and your writing, they are both awesome keep up the great work 🙂

  9. Hello dionne wheres the contact author link??

  10. hello dionne where is the contact the author link ?? Id really prefer an email address like most websites have as well as blogs.

  11. Kathleen

    Enjoyed “Shadows”, Dionne. As a matter of fact, I immediately went looking for book 2 which and couldn’t find it as it’s evidently not out yet. I usually wait until several books are out before I start a series because, if I enjoy Book One, I don’t want to wait to find out what happens. what a baby I am! So…when do I get to find out what happens? 😉 Thanks for a great journey. Please don’t leave me stuck between Realms.

    Kathleen Christian

    • Hi Kathleen. I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I’m writing book 2 right now and it will be out by the end of March. I’m so sorry you have to wait but I won’t leave you stuck between Realms indefinitely :).

  12. Kathleen

    Wow. Thanks for your reply. That doesn’t happen often with other authors. Thanks for your creative energy and your courage (I am well aware of the anxiety involved in submitting your hard work for public view). Looking forward to the next installment!

    • My pleasure Kathleen. It’s always fantastic to hear someone is waiting for the next book and I like people to know it does make a difference to me :). Good luck with your work too Kathleen (I’m thinking it’s photography from the email address).

  13. Hello Dionne…you have beautiful blog here..Keep writing stories and enjoy.I will provide to you submit stories soon.Keep in touch.
    Thanks Cyril

  14. Abar

    Hi Dionne

    Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful read – I’ve just finished Shadows and immediately downloaded the next episode.

    I hadn’t done much reading for a long while, I’ve always wanted to read and Shadows was the first book I’ve read cover to cover!

    Many thanks 😀
    May your wonderful work continue for as long as you enjoy it.

  15. Hi Dionne!

    Just checking out your site here. Hope you don’t mind! 🙂

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