Dionne Lister
Hi, I’m a writer and editor from Sydney.  I have an Associate Degree of Creative writing through Southern Cross University.

I love reading, writing and entertaining people with my stories.

I write books, web copy, articles, suspenseful short stories and my blog posts try to be funny.  I’ve also released an action-packed epic fantasy/adventure trilogy, adult epic fantasy, and a book of suspenseful short stories. I’ve recently spoken at the Sydney Writers Festival, which was a wonderful experience.

As my tag on twitter says, “I love sharing my stories but I wish they wouldn’t keep me awake at night.” You can find my stuff on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes. Come join me on Twitter @DionneLister or Facebook.

I hope you enjoy your visit 🙂

Articles, Interviews & News

It’s a competitive world we authors live in, so when we finally get to be interviewed for a newspaper, radio or blog, it’s a big deal. Similarly, if we are even nominated for an award it’s a compliment worth at least a month’s worth of happy dancing. I haven’t been inundated with either so far, but am very proud and happy about the small achievements I’ve made. And for those of you who are interested, you can follow the links to prove I’m not lying ;).

If you would like to arrange an interview, please email me at dionne@dionnelisterwriter.com.


News, Events & Speaking Engagements

As you may know from perusing my site, I’m an experienced and successful author and editor with an associate degree of creative writing from Southern Cross University. I love sharing my knowledge about writing, self-publishing, and editing, and I’ve spoken at some amazing places, including the NSW Writers Centre, Hunter Writers Centre, Moorefield Girls High and the Sydney Writers Festival. If you would like to contact me about appearing at your workshop or event, please email dionne@dionnelisterwriter.com.



Newspaper interview with The Leader.

Interviewed by KA Last on Aussie Owned and Read blog.

Podcast interview on Artists on Demand.

Newspaper interview by Matt Smith for SMH (Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper).

Interviewed by Ciara Ballintyne on her blog Flight of the Dragon

Interviewed by Simon Hay on his blog.

Interviewed by Maria Savva on her blog.

Interviewed by Lorna Suzuki on her blog.

Interviewed by Frank Zubek on his blog.

Interviewed by Ryan Brooks on his blog.

Interviewed by Lisette Brodey on her blog.



Shadows of the Realm nominated in the YA and Fantasy categories for the eFestival of words awards, a world-wide ebook award.

Breathe In Autumn was Runner Up in Five Stop Story short story competition in September 2011.

Heart of an Angel was an Honourable Mention in Five Stop Story short story competition in 2012.

Shadows of the Realm was endorsed by Compulsion Reads.