Australian Women Writers Challenge Book Review

Today I’ve reviewed a book I read for Club Fantasci (where I’m a co-host) and the Australian Women Writers Challenge (where I’ve signed up to read 4 books by Australian Women authors this year). This book, The Accidental Sorcerer was written by K.E. Mills. In terms of stars, I’d give it 4.

The Accidental Sorcerer
The Accidental Sorcerer

I would say it’s aimed towards young adults and is a fantasy book without any sub genre. Here’s the review:

This book was an entertaining read. When the main character, Gerald Dunwoody, has an accident at work, his life is turned upside down. His ensuing adventure was not the typical one would expect from what borders on epic fantasy as there is no ‘super’ threat, but a more human one. I would rate this book just fantasy with no sub-genre. The characters were engaging and each had distinctly different personalities. The author’s Australian background comes through with some phrases and terms, which I liked.

Towards the end, and the climactic resolution, I couldn’t put the book down. I also admired the way the author was able to keep my interest in a relatively closed setting—that of the palace at New Ottosland. The dialogue was engaging and humorous and kept the story moving along.

There were a couple of negatives for me. One was the overuse of sentence fragments. Normally this doesn’t bother me, but a lot of the sentences didn’t make sense as stand-alone sentences (although in most instances I could get the gist because of the previous sentence). I wasn’t sure if this was an editing issue the author had no control over, or just her style of writing.

At the end, when the main character, Gerald, had a decision to make, I felt he could have made a different decision, which would have negated the conflict in an easier way. If he couldn’t have made the easier decision, the reason was not explained (sorry trying to explain without ruining the ending for readers).

I would recommend this book and I’ll buy the next one in the series. This book could be a stand-alone as the conflict was resolved, but there were hints of what else is to come in Gerald’s life. Overall, an enjoyable, light read.

Here’s one I wrote a while ago, when I had about 100 followers on Twitter. Thought all the new people who read my blog might like it :).

Dionne Lister - Author

Husband and I were in the car, me driving.  I had just helped him move his dinghy and been pushed into a bush; no biggie, right?  We were on our way to a friend’s place via a busy road with no lanes in which to pullover.  I felt something delicately feather my ear so I went to move my hair, which I remembered was in a bun and was not touching my ear.  OMG!  The ‘hair’ that I’d tried to brush away ran on eight furry feet, all the way across my forehead!  Shit, shit!  I flicked at my head to remove the massive huntsman, all whilst trying not to swerve out of my lane or crash into a telegraph pole.  One of my flicks brought success and he flew into the passenger side near my husband’s legs, which were now kicking in a mad frenzy.

Both of us freaked…

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Just wanted to remind people what a great book this is :). If you like fantasy, check it out!

Dionne Lister - Author

We recently had Edward Lazellari as a guest on Tweep Nation, but don’t let that fool you—my review is honest (just ask Amber how hard it is to get 5 stars from moi). This was one hellava good book. Read on…

I’m not normally into fantasy set in the ‘real’ world, as I love dragons and traditional fantasy worlds, however, this book changed that. The author is skilled at creating atmosphere and drawing a clear picture without overdoing it. Without giving too much away, the setting is in present-day United States with main characters who are of another time and place. I would call this an epic in the sense that there is a battle of good against evil and there is certainly a race against time. The tension present in this book ensures you’ll be turning the pages, eager to find out what happens next.

The characters were three-dimensional…

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Me, on a Publishing Panel at a Writers Festival? Yes Please!

My continuing run of good luck, as foretold by the birds pooing on my car (it’s my new predictor of how my life is going to go) has led to one of the most exciting things I’ve done as an author.

I received a message from one of Australia’s best-loved and most successful fantasy (including adult, teen and children’s books) authors, Kate Forsyth. Kate, who is the organiser of the festival, asked if I would like to sit on a panel at the upcoming NSW Writers Centre speculative fiction festival. I was laughing and crying at the same time, I think because Kate, in all her modesty, informed me she was “an author just like you.” Um excuse me? First of all, no introduction needed as I have The Witches of Eileanan series on my bookshelf and ‘just like you’ I think not. I’m a baby at this and Kate has published around twenty five novels, some of them prize-winning and I’m sure all of them best-selling (thank you so much Kate).

I’m going to be sitting on a publishing panel and answering questions about my experiences with self-publishing. I’m nervous of course, but I’ve already been informed that a few of my interstate friends are coming up to support me and enjoy the day, as there are many awesome talks to sit in on by great Aussie authors. I’m super excited and thankful as these opportunities don’t arise often (if at all).

So, aspiring Australian writers, get along to the NSW Writers Centre at Balmain for what is going to be an exciting day (have I already said it’s going to be exciting?). Tickets are a bargain at $80! Go to the site, check out the program and book now before everyone else beats you to it. I hope to see you all there.