A Deadly Drive-by

Book 5: Haunting Avery Winters Ghost Cozy Mystery.

When Avery comes face-to-face with a killer, it starts a chain reaction that could change her life forever.

Avery’s used to finding dead bodies, but apparently the universe doesn’t think that’s enough. This time, she’s right there when Simone, a local hairdresser at A Snip in Time, is shot and killed in cold blood. After Simone dies, her ghost tells Avery that her name is really Mandy, and that the man who murdered her is her abusive ex, and he’s after her son. Before Mandy can explain further, she’s sucked into the light.

When Sergeant Bellamy questions Avery, she tries to explain what she knows, but he initially discounts her information because he can’t find evidence of Simone having changed her name. He’s also less than forthcoming when she probes him for clues, quickly shutting her out of his investigation.

With little to go on, Avery has a hard time coming up with leads, and all the while, she’s worried about the victim’s missing mother and son. Just when she’s despairing of ever getting somewhere with the investigation, another ghost turns up in front of A Snip in Time. This new ghost was slain on the same morning as Mandy, and she begs for Avery’s help.

Armed with vague information and spurred by a promise she’s made to two ghosts, Avery tries to ascertain if both murders are somehow connected. Her hunt for the killer or killers is messy and confusing, and she soon learns they might have their sights set on her too. But no matter what, she’s not backing down. All she needs is one break. Just one.

Yet again, her living and dead friends are ready to help. Will their assistance be enough for her to untangle this crime before she becomes the next victim, or has her luck finally run out?

For lovers of suspense, crime, humour and paranormal mysteries. A fun read for teens and adults alike.