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Westerham Witches and a Venetian Vendetta

Book 15: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cozy Mystery

Woohoo! Lily finally gets that holiday she’s been wishing for since she arrived in the UK over a year ago, and everyone is joining her in Venice, including her mum. Their first day gets off to an amazing start, until a pigeon drops a “gift” on Lily’s head. Then it’s all downhill from there when, on their first night, a man at their hotel is murdered.

Lily and her friends try to stay out of things, but Angelica can’t help herself. When she teams up with the Italian PIB, she puts herself in the murderer’s sights. When Angelica disappears, Lily, Will, and their friends look everywhere, but it’s as if she’s disappeared into thin air, and the Italian PIB aren’t helping.

With little support and no local knowledge, the gang are scrambling, and Lily makes a huge miscalculation, putting her in harm’s way. Will she get out of this one alive, or has she finally met her witchy match? One thing’s for sure—when a Venetian has a vendetta, it’s best to just stay out of their way.

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Witch Nemesis in Westerham

Book 16: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cozy Mystery

Westerham Witches & a Venetian Vendetta cover coming soon-2

Book 16 in the Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cozy Mystery series.

When someone has it in for one of Lily’s friends, she’ll do anything to help. Another action-packed witchy mystery. More information coming soon!

Releasing May 24th, 2021. Preorder available now!