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Westerham Witches and an Aussie Misadventure

Book 20: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cozy Mystery

Book 20 in the fun witchy cosy mystery series Paranormal Investigation Bureau.

Lily and the gang are off to Sydney, Australia, where she and Will hope to tie the knot. However, when Lily discovers a body washed up on the beach, their plans are thrown into chaos. The body happens to be someone she knows, and it breaks her heart.

Just when they thought they’d left the crime and mysteries behind them for two weeks, the universe goes all out to prove them wrong. Not only that, but the Australian witch authorities have banned magic use. If the gang thought solving a murder was hard before, it will be almost impossible with no resources and no magic.

Can Lily and Will solve the mystery and finally get married before their two weeks are up, or will circumstances and an annoying witch official who has it in for Lily conspire to make their nuptials an impossibility?

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A Caffeine Hit

Book 6:

Haunting Avery Winters

Westerham Witches & a Venetian Vendetta cover coming soon-2

Book 6 in the ghost cosy mystery series, Haunting Avery Winters.

When Avery’s faced with a dangerous dilemma, will she let sleeping dogs lie, or will she sacrifice her peace of mind and try and discover the truth?

When Avery’s nemesis, Joyless, is arrested for murdering her ex-boyfriend, Avery’s not sure she’s guilty. Even though the murder happened in front of her and other witnesses, there’s a niggling doubt in her mind. And Avery, ever the truth-seeker, can’t let it go. Despite her better judgement, which says to leave Joyless in jail because she deserves it, Avery’s conscience can’t let it go.

But even with the help of Sergeant Bellamy and a few ghosts, clues and evidence proving Joyless’s innocence are hard to find, and Joyless looks as guilty as a squirrel caught eating out of a bird feeder. But when there’s an attempt on Avery’s life, Avery figures she must be zeroing in on the real killer.

Can Avery and her friends get some answers and solve the mystery of who killed Joyless’s ex-boyfriend before something horrible happens to Avery, or will Avery join her ghostly friends in the afterlife while an innocent person is doomed to life in jail?