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Witch Karma in Westerham

Book 18: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cozy Mystery

How do you solve a murder when there’s little evidence and so much dislike of the victim?

When rich witch businesswoman Adelaide Fairchild is murdered by magical lightning at her office, the PIB is the first organisation her husband calls. Frantically trying to solve as many of their existing cases as they can before the directors shut them down, Angelica and James don’t want to take the job, but they don’t have a choice. A rich and powerful acquaintance has called Angelica personally because the victim is his relative. She can’t say no.

Desperate for clues and a fast resolution, Angelica makes sure that Lily is front and centre with her camera and special witch talent. But Lily’s pictures give them very little to go on, and the team is stumped.

As they scramble to solve the case, their enemies are on the attack, and tragedy strikes. Rather than let the event rattle them, the team need to use it as a motivator. But is that too much to ask?

Can Lily and the team find the clue that will break the case wide open before the directors finish them for good, or, for the first time on Angelica’s watch, will justice be beyond their reach?

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A Frozen Stiff

Book 4: Haunting Avery Winters Cosy Mystery

Westerham Witches & a Venetian Vendetta cover coming soon-2

A fun, light-hearted ghost cozy mystery series.

Solving mysteries is hard enough, but when the murder victim is a misogynistic bully, it would be easy to turn a blind eye. But, when friends are in the firing line, Avery will do what she can to solve the puzzle, even if it means helping someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Doing an early morning shop, Avery finds a corpse in the supermarket coolroom. Not exactly the way she wanted to start the day, but, as she laments, finding dead bodies seems to be her forte. The victim is a popular local rugby player, but the more Avery looks into the case, the more she realises he’s not a likeable as his friends think.

His ghost hounds her to find his killer, but the more he harasses her, the less she wants to help—the guy is not a nice person. The only thing that keeps her in the game is pressure on Sergeant Bellamy from the mayor, who just happens to be the dead man’s father. When the mayor threatens to destroy Bellamy’s career, Avery has to pull out all the stops.

Can she find the murderer without getting herself and Bellamy into even more trouble? Life’s not easy when you’re hiding a secret as huge as seeing ghosts. She’ll have to be inventive with this one because it’s not only her own reputation on the line.

Preorder available now. Book releases June 23rd, 2022.