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Witch Showdown in Westerham

Book 19: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cozy Mystery

Book 19 in the bestselling PIB cozy mystery witch series.

Things with the directors are coming to a head. This time, Lily and the gang have help from MI6, but the English intelligence agency might be more of a liability than a help.

Lily and Will are itching to travel to Australia and get married, but they have the not-so-little matter of their enemies to conquer first. Unfortunately, there are many of them. The directors have caught wind that MI6 is helping the Paranormal Investigation Bureau, so they’ve been targeting their agents and murdering them. Lily and the gang step in to help, but it spreads the PIB resources thin.

To aid in beating the directors and several of their ally criminal gangs, Angelica has given the go-ahead for Lily’s dream—a squirrel army. But all too late, Lily’s realised that it means her beloved squirrels will be in the firing line. Regretting her decision will get her nowhere, so she’s doing her best to train them so they’re prepared because if she loses any, she’ll never forgive herself.

With absolutely everything on the line, will Lily and the gang’s magical powers and plans be enough to beat their many enemies, or will this be the war that brings them to ruin and the PIB to a tragic demise?

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Westerham Witches and an Aussie Misadventure

Book 20:

Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cozy Mystery

Westerham Witches & a Venetian Vendetta cover coming soon-2

Book 20 in the fun witchy cosy mystery series Paranormal Investigation Bureau.

Lily and the gang are off to Sydney, Australia, where she and Will hope to tie the knot. However, when Lily discovers a body washed up on the beach, their plans are thrown into chaos. The body happens to be someone she knows, and it breaks her heart.

Just when they thought they’d left the crime and mysteries behind them for two weeks, the universe conspires to prove them wrong. Can they solve the mystery and finally get married before their two weeks are up?

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Preorder available now. Book releases March 19th, 2023.