It’s been a long time between posts, and the guilt is almost too much. Please, please forgive me … oh, what, you didn’t notice I was gone? Okay, (pouts out bottom lip in realisation that I’m not the centre of the universe). Even though you’re not that interested, I’ll tell you about my trip and book signing in Dallas Tex ass, ahem, Texas.

It had started off as me wanting to meet my American author friends and it turned into an amazing group-book-signing at Half Price Bookstore flagship store in Dallas and several nights of going to bed at 3 am, which was good because it meant no jet lag when I came home, as 3 am Dallas time is 7 pm Sydney time.

Dallas was full of friendly people, although they tend to drive on the wrong side of the road and it was rather frightening. And I felt like I was being watched by Big Brother, or maybe it was just a giant eyeball. I was disappointed not to see any shootouts or men in chaps (my Texan friends got me there on false pretences, although they were right about the chocolate—it was gooooood).

I'm watching you...

I’m watching you…

I’d like to thank all the readers who attended the book signing — it was so awesome to meet you. I’d also like to thank my friend, author Amber Jerome-Norrgard for organising the whole event, and author Scott Morgan for minding my boxes of books and carrying them around the place. And thanks to those two for their welcoming Texan hospitality. It was the trip of a lifetime, meeting my author friends, and I have a feeling we’ve cemented friendships that could survive into crabby old age :).

17 Awesome Authors at 1 mega book-signing

17 Awesome Authors at 1 mega book-signing

I’m keeping this short and sweet because now that I’m back, I have a lot more blog posts to write (the flip side to gallivanting around the world — reality always catches up with you). Ciao for now :).

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