Forging the Rose

Book 2: The Rose of Nerine Dark Epic Fantasy Series

A riveting, raw dark epic fantasy full of danger, action, magic, and romance.

Her plans in tatters, Addy is committed to honouring her promise to Jacob. Little does she know her worst nightmare is awaiting her on the other side of the ocean.

Still discovering who she is and how to wield her magic, Addy must cross Treloah with Jacob and Kerwyn, for she’s promised to cross the ocean to Nerine, where more will be asked of her than ever before. Betrayal and heartbreak lurk on the horizon. With plans and intrigues set into motion well before she arrived, Addy must learn to survive amongst sometimes hostile allies who see her as a tool, not a delicate, struggling young woman.

But is she stronger than she knows? She’ll need to be to live long enough to play her role in the prophecy.

With an evil god coming for her, she’ll need to be to welcome Ephrestine as her goddess and accept her role in the prophecy sooner rather than later. If she can’t, the land, and everyone on it, will die.

For lovers of dark epic fantasy, magic, sword and sorcery.

*This book contains graphic violence and abuse and is not intended for readers under the age of sixteen. May be confronting, especially to those who have suffered abuse as a child.

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Forging the Rose