Holy Box Set Madness, Batman!

How awesome are ebooks? That was a rhetorical question, by the way. I remember when I was a teenager and paperbacks were the only form books came in. The cost to keep reading was significant, and, of course, when you finished a book and wanted the next one, you had to get your butt to the shop. But, in this digital age, you can nab hours, hours, and hours of reading for such a small price, whenever you want. So, thanks to the digital age, there is MARKED BY FATE, an awesome, magical, bargain-priced fantasy and science fiction box set collection.

I’ve gotten together with 25 other amazing young adult authors, and we’ve put this set together to reach new readers. If you’ve read and liked Shadows of the Realm, there is a good chance you’ll enjoy many (if not all) of the books in this new, limited-time collection. All authors are bestsellers, and some are even USA Today or New York Times bestsellers, so you know you’re getting quality.

If you were to purchase the 26 included books separately, you’d spend over $100 – and that’s even with ebooks being such a bargain in the first place. The set is only going to be around until November, so if you want a copy, I’d go grab it now. Did I mention you’ll be getting TWENTY-SIX novels for 99 cents? Holy moly, that’s an awesome deal. Seriously. It’s more than a week of constant reading.

Here’s a list of what else can you get for 99 cents:

  • A third of a cup of coffee
  • Five lollies (sweets for you US peeps)
  • Two minutes on the bus (sitting next to someone with really bad B.O.)
  • One raw chicken wing
  • One sip of wine (and who can stop at just one?)
  • Toxic purple lipstick from the bargain bin at the local pharmacy.

To be honest, I can’t think of anything else you would actually want that you can get for 99 cents. So, if you love young adult fantasy and science fiction (including but not limited to epic fantasy, urban fantasy, dystopian worlds, alien worlds) be kind to yourself and grab it—you deserve it, really you do.

BUT that’s not all! At the risk of sounding like one of those TV ads that offer you everything from a knife set to the kitchen sink, if you preorder the box set (ie order it before the release date on the 24th of October) you’ll also get BONUS books, bookmarks and a host of other awesome stuff (that you can check out on our website www.markedbyfate.com. I just checked, and we’re up to 70 books in total with bonuses—holy freaking box-set madness, Batman!!).

Phew! If that’s not enough to satisfy an avid reader, I have no idea what is—maybe try eating the toxic lipstick for some added thrills. For the rest of you reasonable, awesome and soon-to-be happy people, go and grab your copy right now. Just click on the retailer name, and you’ll magically be transported to where you need to be:

AmazonBarnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks.

Happy reading!marked by fate profile