Flash Fiction – A Million Little Pieces

I’m busy finishing Realm of Blood & Fire, so thought I’d reblog an older flash fiction that I still love. Hope you enjoy it :).

Dionne Lister - Author

This flash fiction was inspired by 30 Seconds to Mars’ song Search and Destroy (A Million Little Pieces). I entered it in a flash fiction comp but alas, it didn’t catch the judges’ eye. Not to worry, that’s why I have a blog. Maybe one of you peeps will like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

A Million Little Pieces

She stood on the creaking deck of an ancient ferry. A million little pieces. Her hands tightened about the railing. Debris from black clouds, invisible in the night sky, stung her face. Which were tears and which were rain; she no longer knew. Closing her eyes, she tilted her face to the infinite space above. A million little pieces.

She imagined she felt his hands about her waist, grounding her as gusting tentacles attempted to carry her off. Where she once felt his warmth…

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It’s Incredible! Realm of Blood and Fire Cover Reveal

I’m taking a break from madly writing to reveal the most incredible cover I’ve had the fortune of having for one of my babies. The Circle of Talia series has awesome covers, done by Robert Baird, but he has outdone himself with the cover for the final book in the trilogy: Realm of Blood and Fire. I know it’s my cover, so I’m not exactly unbiased, but I think it’s one of the best covers I’ve ever seen for a fantasy book, and it’s mine, yay! (and yes, I made it huge in this post lol). Readers will be happy to see Flux and Phantom in the foreground. It was amazing for me to see some of my characters come to life on the cover.


Realm of Blood and Fire will be released on the 21st of July. The paperback will be available from Amazon but the ebook will only be on iBooks—I’ve given them a one-month exclusive because they have been extraordinarily supportive of me throughout my writing career and they let indie authors do preorders. Readers can preorder their copy by clicking on the cover image in this post. The ebook will be available from all other channels as of the 21st of August.

For those who are waiting for Realm of Blood and Fire, I would like to say thanks for giving my first book, Shadows of the Realm, a chance, and thank you to all those who have let me know how much they are loving the series. It will be sad to say goodbye to Bronwyn and the gang, but there is room to write another series later, if I miss them too much. And here’s the blurb:

While the realmists watch, powerless to intervene, the gormons lay waste to Talia, city by city, moving closer to Vellonia each day. As the final battle nears, The Circle can’t meet the conditions of the prophecy, and hope is dwindling. But even if they can unite Talia, the prophecy demands that someone be sacrificed. Can Bronwyn and Blayke do what they must — destroy those they love to save their world?

Don’t wait; run and preorder yours now! 🙂

Close Call is FREE for the First Time Ever!

Doris jpeg ebook cover

I’ve just done something I said I’d never do—I’ve put one of my books for free. I’ve always been against free books because authors put a lot of time and effort into writing the book, then spend lots of money getting it edited and putting a cover on it. Just to give other authors (who have not self-published) an idea, this book, even though it’s a novella, has cost me around $800. I had the cover done by a talented designer who does freelance work for one of the big 5 publishers, and my editor Chryse Wymer went through it with a fine-tooth comb. Of course, you can get cheaper covers, but I am really picky about what I want, and this couldn’t be done off the shelf (and some off-the-shelf covers are awesome, but this book needed something different).

So, the book was selling in dribs and drabs, and had it been a different book, I would have bided my time and waited for sales to pick up. But this book is awesome, funny and super original, and I know once someone reads it, they will have to tell their friends. I know you’re probably saying, “Of course you’d say that, you’re the author.” Well, yes, but I’ve had a lot of feedback that confirms my opinion. And I will ask you a few questions that prove this theory. Have you ever read a book about a talking vagina called Doris? Can you imagine vaginas and penises talking to each other and having the conversations you would never be game to have? How can talking genitals not be funny? Doris also has great advice and is determined to save her ‘owner’ Jemma from her own bad decisions. I admit there is an underlying message, and that is that women need to have better self-esteem and stop buying into the whole ‘women are only valuable based on how sexy they are and how appealing they are to men.’

Readers have said:  Absolutely hilarious; Heartwarming; A touching romance;  Too funny and clever; This story had me in stitches. If you don’t believe me, you can find out for yourself, and for the next two weeks it won’t cost you a cent. If you love it you will tell your friends, and maybe even leave a review, and that’s why I’m taking a chance and breaking my ‘no free book’ rule. I really hope you pick it up and enjoy it. Go now! It’s on AmazonSmashwords, Kobo, iBooks.

My, How Time Flies

Hey, everyone. I’ve been a bit quiet of late as real life has kicked me in the butt with stuff to do. Uni is almost finished—I have one and a half subjects to go, so really excited about that. I’m writing to a deadline with the last book in the Circle of Talia series, which will definitely be out in July. Sorry to all those readers who are patiently waiting. It’s been frustrating for me too as I had been hoping it would be out by now, but life does get in the way. The cover has been started and I’ll be doing a cover reveal in 5 weeks, so stay tuned. And of course, my editing and copywriting work has been flat out (it seems everything happens at once).

It hasn’t been all work and no play, though, as I’ve just returned from the Gold Coast where I attended Indie Authors Down Under 2014. What a blast we had! Sold a few books, met some amazing people—both authors and readers—and partied Saturday night away. They’re holding the event next year too, and it’s a great one for readers to get along to as there are both smaller and larger name authors who attend, and there’s the VIP party where readers get to mix with their favourite authors.

Author K.A. Last & I at Indie Authors Down Under book signing.
Author K.A. Last & I at Indie Authors Down Under book signing.

In some good news, both Shadows of the Realm and A Time of Darkness have been accepted onto the Minister’s Reading Challenge list for high schools in Australian state ACT. Thank you so much to the awesome people who decide which books make the cut—I’m grateful to make it in. And shadows of the Realm recently made it to #99 overall on Amazon and was number 1 in 3 categories. That was super exciting!

For those who love fantasy, I’ll be at Supanova Melbourne on the 12th-13th of April. I’m so looking forward to going down, seeing all the cosplay and meeting readers. If you do make it, please stop by my table and say hello.

And that’s the wrap-up for the first part of this year. Have a great week and happy reading!



Doris Does Dall… I mean, a Blog Tour

He, he. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and I’m sorry, although maybe some of you are happy I haven’t been bugging your inbox. My cute little women’s fiction, Close Call, is doing a blog tour. In honour of this tour, I’ve reduced the price from $2.99 to 99 cents — what a BARGAIN! If you check out the tour, you have a chance to win stuff, see some cool meme’s and hear Doris’s awesome advice (and who can afford to pass up advice from the world’s wisest vagina?). Full of innuendo and fun, don’t miss this tour!

Doris jpeg ebook cover

Close Call is the first installment of “A Doris & Jemma Vageventure” series.

Think Bridget Jones Diary and The Vagina Monologues.

Twenty-two-year-old Jemma can’t seem to get her life in order. Her track record with men stinks, she constantly worries about getting fat and ending up a spinster at thirty. And to top it off, she has to be a bridesmaid at her most-hated cousin’s wedding. She feels like her life is over, until Doris decides to help out. Who’s Doris? Doris is Jemma’s vagina and she thinks more of Jemma than her own brain does. Doris is on a mission to save Jemma from herself, but is the task too much for one vagina to handle?

Here are the tour stops:

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Erica Lucke Dean Suddenly Pops In

Hi, Erica, and welcome to my blog. Congratulations on the release of your new book — Suddenly Sorceress. This is your second book and it has already been getting some awesome reviews, and I love the cover. Was having this one published more or less exciting than publishing your first book? Thanks so much for having me today, Dionne. I love the cover too! I think getting this book published was almost more exciting than To Katie With Love. Not that I don’t adore Katie. I do, but Suddenly Sorceress is my favorite project so far. I mean, it has a witch, a magician, and a goat. What more could anyone ask for? LOL.

Suddenly Sorceress 800 Cover reveal and Promotional


What’s the part your love most about writing a book? I love coming up with the story. It’s like lightning streaking across my consciousness. That sudden jolt of something exciting that delights my senses. The idea is always big and easy for me to capture in my notes … though all those little details do take more work.

What’s the part you hate most about writing a book? I hate having to plan. I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants, but I’ve discovered the project goes more smoothly if I, at least, write out a summary for myself before I jump in. I need to know where I’m going so I don’t get lost along the way.

Are you a plotter or a pantser? I guess, based on my last answer, you can see I’m a pantser at heart, but a plotter out of necessity. I never plot myself so much that I don’t have wiggle room. I just set out the major events and let all the little stuff work itself out as I go.

What’s your main character, Ivie, like, in Suddenly Sorceress? And did you model your character on yourself, a friend, or did you just pull her out of the air? Ivie is your average kindergarten teacher with a quiet, somewhat boring, existence. Well … she was until she ended up with a skunk in her bathroom and a missing fiancé. It doesn’t take her long to realize she’s not who she thought she was. Like most of my characters, Ivie is a lot like me. So was Katie in To Katie With Love, but I like to think of them as two different sides of me. Ivie is a bit more bold and a lot less clumsy.

Did the idea for this book come out of the blue, or is it something you’ve wanted to write for a while? I wanted to write a book about a witch, and a spark of inspiration flew in on its broomstick so I just went with it.

Have you ever wanted to be a witch and punish someone with magical powers? Have I ever! LOL. I was the little girl dressed as a scary witch for Halloween when all her friends were princesses and fairies. I think the idea of turning the “bad” fiancé into a woodland creature might have stemmed from my desire to turn my ex-husband into something once. I never did manage to get that to work. LOL. (LOL!).

Are you writing another book yet, or having a break? I’ve actually just finished a YA Contemporary collaboration with my friend Laura M. Kolar. I had this idea rattling around in my head, but I knew it was something I’d need another perspective for, so she agreed to work with me on it. It’s going to be amazing. We’re at the beta reader stage with it now.

I know you have a menagerie of animals at home. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? I think I’d want to be a lion or a tiger. They’re fairly high on the food chain, so I wouldn’t have to worry about something else eating me. And I’d still get to eat meat. My husband keeps trying to convince me to go vegetarian, but I’m just not ready to take the plunge.

Finally, would you like to tell us a bit about what type of readers would enjoy your book. Suddenly Sorceress is a paranormal chick lit/romance with heavy doses of humor, sex, and wacky situations. I think anyone who likes to have fun while they fall in love would enjoy it.

The blurb:

PMS can be a real witch.

Ivie McKie isn’t your run-of-the-mill kindergarten teacher. After an encounter with a horny goat, Ivie has a confrontation with her lying, cheating fiancé. She is shocked when the big jerk suddenly transforms into a skunk—the black and white furry variety.

Enlisting the help of her shopaholic friend Chloe and sexy club magician Jackson Blake, Ivie is forced to play a literal game of cat and mouse as she races against the clock to change her ex back before she’s arrested for his murder.

With every new spell, a fresh wave of sexual desire draws Jack further into Ivie’s troubles, along with her panties, the car, the kitchen, and assorted seedy bathrooms.

Ivie soon discovers what every witch worth her spell book knows: There’s nothing worse than a bad case of Post Magical Syndrome.

If you like the sound of the book (and let’s face it, it sounds awesome) here is where you can buy from:

Here are the links where the book is available:


Barnes & Noble



And you can find Erica at Red Adept Publishing. Happy reading!

Never Say Neigh

Today is a guest post from a humour writer. I would like to introduce you to Mary I. Farr. Thanks for visiting!
Author Mary I. Farr has devoted the past 30 years to exploring the worlds of hope, healing and humor. Today she has merged these life essentials into a wildly funny and gently inspirational book, Never Say Neigh. The book recently won honors in The Paris Book Festival, The Great Midwest Book Festival and the Animals, Animals, Animals Book Festival.
never say neigh
A retired hospital chaplain with plenty of wisdom under her belt and a lifelong passion for horses, Farr chose an unusual writing partner for her award-winning book—her American quarter horse, Noah Vail. Even his name says he has a funny bone of his own.
 “This is a comical horse,” Farr says. “He’s just the kind of character I imagined could ‘talk’ to people about life and its many lessons, but in a welcoming way. I figured why not use him as a humorous spiritual corrective in an often noisy world of gridlock.”
Never Say Neigh encompasses a year on the road with Noah and his partner Madam, sometimes referred to as The Management. Compassion is the order of the day for Noah. He eschews violence, prejudice and polarized politics – all with a generous dose of levity and fun.
“It’s hard to argue with a horse,” Farr says. “Noah, as the book’s narrator, makes the most difficult topics approachable for readers. He also opines on a good deal of human behavior.”
Even Noah’s blogs have won him acclaim as an Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop Humor Writer of the Month. And he’s nothing if not a well-rounded author. He keeps an active Twitter account, a Facebook page with more than 101,000 fans, and a blog. Fans can also find him on YouTube.