A Fallow Grave

Book 3: Haunting Avery Winters Paranormal Cozy Mystery

When a farmer goes missing, then turns up dead, the wrong person is suspected and jailed, and he happens to be a good friend of Finn. Can Avery, with the help of her ghostly and live friends, discover the real murderer and bring them to justice, or will she die trying?

Mr Donigal, a local farmer, goes missing. Avery’s curiosity is piqued because she’d seen the old man arguing with someone on the main street the morning before he disappeared. The night he disappeared, she saw him arguing with someone else at her friend’s pub. Which is the last time anyone sees him alive. The problem is, the person arrested for the crime is Alfie, one of Finnegan’s good friends.

The deeper she digs, the more potential enemies of the victim she finds. It’s looking more and more like Alfie didn’t do it. But the evidence points to him, and Sergeant Bellamy won’t be swayed.

Used to solving crimes with the help of her ghostly friends, it’s a different prospect when Finn and Carina offer to help Avery. She’s desperate, so she accepts. But including live people means there’s more at stake. And when Avery and Finn break the law to try and find Mr Donigal’s body, the threat level jumps up to extreme, because whoever killed him doesn’t want him to be found.

Will they find the body and new evidence, or will they die with nothing to show for their troubles? One thing’s for sure—Avery’s not ready to cross into the next world, and if a lightning strike couldn’t kill her, she’s determined mere humans won’t. Hopefully, she’s right because she’s the only chance an innocent man has of walking free.