Witch Swindled in Westerham Error on Barnes & Noble

Hi to my Barnes & Noble readers. I wanted to apologise and ask for your patience. The second book in my Paranormal Investigation Bureau series came out on 29th August, but only the sample was released. I had uploaded the full version to my distributor, but as I had a week exclusive early release with iBooks, something went wrong when it came time to automatically upload the book to Barnes & Noble, and it didn’t go through as it should have. The result is that you are getting the two-chapter sample, not the whole book. I’m so sorry, but this will be fixed ASAP. I’ve sent about 100 emails—and that’s not too much of an exaggeration, and I’m freaking out, because, well, readers paying $3.99 for two chapters is horrific.

Hopefully this will be rectified ASAP, and you can take delivery of the whole book. Again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but bear with me, and you’ll soon have a proper book.

Off I go, to worry some more xx.