Third Time Lucky as Scott Joins Amber & Dionne

Woot Woot—there’s an owl in the Tweep Nation house. Today Scott joined us. He is the first guest who’s made it on our show three times (and survived to tell the tale). He read from his new short story book Tryptic. The short story was mesmerising and led to a bit of a discussion, ahem. Anyway, it was great to have him on to discuss writing, days of the week (the continuing saga) and wee germs. If you have an hour to kill, murder it with us :).

Six-monthversary of Tweep Nation (& Amber wears chaps)

Welcome to Tweep Nation’s six-monthversary! We made it to 26 episodes without losing all our listeners—what an accomplishment! Listen in as we reminisce, argue about days of the week, I read my Tweep Nation poem and Amber reads her birthday poem to Justin Bog. This episode is all about the love—the love we have for all the guests who have been subjected to our questionable sense of humour, and the love we have for our awesome listeners. Knowing our listeners are out there listening makes us feel all happy and special :). THANK YOU! xx

Fifty Shades of Poo

Sunday. What to do on a Sunday when it’s freezing? Go out of Sydney and to a hobby farm of course. I’m a city girl, but I quite like the countryside and love animals (yes I eat them too, but nobody’s perfect).

The only catch was getting up early. As I get older I love sleeping in. Um, actually I think I’ve always loved it, hmm… Anyway, my husband’s sister rented a house on a hobby farm and we visited for the day.

Rustic scenery

Well, how many kinds of poo are there on a farm? There’s little pellets of poo, not unlike chocolate covered sultanas, runny chicken poo, similar I’d think to caramel sauce, and then there was ginormous cow poo, which is like, well, a big lump of crap. The fragrance was not so good and I think my nostril hairs died.

When it came time to feed the woolly, furry and feathered, they waited eagerly at the gate. One of the large goats broke out and went straight for the feed storage bin. I grabbed one of his substantial horns and tried to force him back to the paddock, but he was strong. He tried to get out of my grip and stomped on my toe—ouch, no food for you stupid goat.

The kids had so much fun throwing food pellets, although the foot-stomping goat intimidated my four year old and he dropped his container and ran. My husband even tried his luck with an electric fence, just for fun (the things men do)—the fence won. I’m sure it will be a day my boys don’t forget in a hurry.

Stupid Goat & I
Rasta sheep

My 5 year old with some birds

Dionne & Amber Speak Kangaroo to Derek McPhee

Hey everyone, it’s episode 24 and it also happens to be our guest’s birthday – Happy Birthday Derek. Wow, what a present—coming on Tweep Nation and listening to Amber snorting and Bobby Jo reading an excerpt from Amber’s erotic short story. I also enlightened Amber and Derek about Skippy, a great Australian show which we figured out is the Aussie version of Lassie. Derek is an author and has written a book based on the disastrous events in Japan over one year ago – the earthquake and tsunami. All in all, it’s still a happy show and Amber breaks her own record for the most snorts on the podcast! Enjoy.

Ep 23 – Amber & Dionne have a snortingly frank conversation with Ciara

Wow, Tweep Nation is up to episode 23 already! Today’s podcast was so much fun because Ciara was actually, physically sitting next to me. Imagine that, two Tweeps in the same room. I’d tell you what we talked about, but it’s more a case of what didn’t we talk about? It must have been funny because Amber snorted, several times. Ciara is a dragon and fantasy lover and you can follow her @ciaraballintyne on Twitter, or visit her fantasytastic website which has blog posts, book reviews and interviews (one is with me so you know she has good taste).