Poetry isn’t my best ‘thing’ but it’s a wonderful way of exorcising intense feelings. I wrote this because someone I love is dying of cancer, a scenario all too common these days. I’m also sending hugs to everyone out there who has lost someone they love to the hateful thing called death.

Looking Through Sad

I’m looking through sad
My heavy gaze
Barely touched by my smile.
Weighed down by sorrow
The press of recollection
Of a truth better not known
That lies at the end
Of everything

6 thoughts on “Looking Through Sad

  1. I like the poem, but hate the reason for the poem. And agree about poetry. I used to write it occasionally, and it was always just a mesh of emotional stuff. It is a great way to convey emotion. I never considered myself all that great at it, and moved onto lyrics which was where I’d preferred writing poetically. Music lover that I am. So, now I’ve been described as having depressing lyrics. Apparently I write good lyrics to cut to while listening. :O

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