This is a little post to let all those Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo readers know that Realm of Blood and Fire, the last book in the Circle of Talia trilogy, is out in five days! Amazon have, surprisingly, just made preorder available for everyone, so you can preorder it now if you click here.

Those who may ask why it was out in the iBooks stores first, well, they’ve been super supportive of my writing so I gave them a one-month exclusive on the book. I do admit to waiting anxiously for it to be available everywhere as I know there are a few readers ready to do damage to my person because it’s taking so long ;). If you’re one of those readers, your wait is almost over and I want to say thank you for being so patient. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

So, go now, click that link! Ciao :).


7 thoughts on “Realm of Blood and Fire is Here!

  1. Congratulations Dionne, and good luck! Yeah, great about the pre-order facility on Amazon. I asked them about that before I launched my second book, and they just replied ‘Sorry, not available.’ Never hinted that it might be implemented a few weeks later, or even ever at all!

    1. Thanks Ali! I wonder if Amazon implemented the feature to stick it to the big publishers who had that as an exclusive option, or maybe they’re trying to gain favour with us little people lol.

      1. I’m sure they’re doing everything in their power to please us little people right now, while they battle it out with Hachete! Its bound to affect their thinking. Whatever the real reason, who cares? Its not before time that they introduced this feature… Smashwords have been doing it successfully for ages!

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