Hey peeps. Just a short note to let everyone know that on the 12th October, I’ll be appearing at Half Price Books in Dallas Texas at 1 pm-5 pm — yeehaw! The full details, including the address, are here http://www.indievengeanceday.eventbrite.com but in case you’re too lazy to click (and we’ve all been that lazy at one time or another), it’s at 5803 East Northwest Highway Dallas. There are twelve authors appearing, and we’re selling and signing our books which range in genres from erotica to romance, paranormal to fantasy and even poetry — there’s something for everyone, unless you’re into tentacle sex and then no, that’s not there.

Come and say hello as I’m not sure when I’ll be Stateside again. I’d love to see lots of readers there! Ciao!

7 thoughts on “I’ll be Signing Books in Dallas Texas October 12th!

  1. Wow. So glad to hear you’ll be in the states. Dallas in just a two and a half hour drive from where I live so I’ll see if I can’t squeeze some time in to make a trip down there that day!

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