So here we are with three days left of my book sale and I’m happy to report that it was a success! I’m not here to celebrate though; I’m here to give some information about the series :). I’m excited that after a week I’ve had a few enquiries from people wanting to know a) is there a book two? and b) when is it coming? They are questions we writers love, love, love to hear!

How cruel would it be if I only wrote one book in the series? Actually it would be downright evil and I’m not evil, well only when it comes to killing off my characters. So to assuage my readers’ fears I can say I am writing book two in The Circle of Talia series and am one quarter into the first draft. I’m hoping it will be ready for editing in February and released at the end of March. I can’t wait to contact Rob—the talented artist who did the first cover—to discuss my ideas. He blew me away last time and it will be so exciting to see more of my characters come to life on the next cover.

The writing has been emotional as I’ve found out that more than one of my characters will die by the end of the series and I’m mourning them early. If you are saying to yourself “Ok, she’s a total nutter,” I agree, I probably am, but my characters are like family and I know them so well.

I want to say thanks to those readers who have bought the book and especially to the encouraging readers who let me know they’re eagerly awaiting the next book. As soon as book two is out I’ll start writing book three, so never fear, the story will get finished, maybe even by the end of the year, unless there is more to tell and then you’ll have to wait for book four.

I’d better go back to work now, but I’ll leave you with an unedited (forgive me if there are mistakes) snippit from my second epic fantasy novel (which I still haven’t named) —the sequel to Shadows of the Realm.


Agmunsten stood taller, bracing himself to take the news on the strongest shoulders he could offer. “Tell me the price so we may get on with this blessing.” Blayke wondered what the price would be, and knew, from the Head Realmist’s voice, it would be a big one. He shut his eyes and drew a deep, calming breath.

“Listen carefully, and repeat this to no one. When the price is asked, you will have one chance to act. If you hesitate, the chance will be lost and so will Talia. The two you must sacrifice are….”

All three realmists paled, and Blayke blinked tears back. When Drakon finished speaking, the energy flows to the channels ceased, and as Blayke reached down to gather the quartz in his shaking hands, he wished he were an innocent child once again. He didn’t know how to carry this new burden and thought death would be so much easier. His fingers touched the pendant and he fell to his knees. Agmunsten and Arcese stood in silence as Blayke knelt on the floor and wept.

Agmunsten covered his face with his hands. They had survived the blessing of the quartz; so why did it feel like they had failed?

17 thoughts on “The Circle of Talia Book Two Update—Epic Fantasy

  1. About as cruel and evil as dying in the middle of the most epic series of modern fantasy… oh, wait, Robert Jordan did that. Not that it was intentional, obviously. But yes, leaving a tale unended, for whatever reason, is cruel indeed. Make sure you pick out someone to finish it for you in case of the unthinkable – you know, out of fairness to your fans 😉

    1. Ha ha, you wouldn’t want the job by any chance? Actually you have about four different series to finish too don’t you lol. I don’t plan on dying soon so don’t light the bonfire just yet ;).

  2. You’re going to kill off characters?? One of them better not be…Fang! Hehehe. But I totally understand the emotion you have for your characters. Don’t feel nutty! It means you’re giving us the right stuff. 😉

  3. I’m so looking forward to the next book! ….so, take your time, but hurry! I have a feeling you’re going to kill off a character I love. But, sometimes that’s what makes the story so good. 🙂

    1. Thanks Becky. It was a character I have affection for (I won’t say ‘had’ yet because they’re still alive lol). But it will make sense when it happens and there will be understanding as well as tears lol.

  4. I’m so glad I found this site. I was left with “what happens next ” after I finished book 1 “Shadows of the Realm “‘. As for killing off a character, you already have me in mourning for them even though I don’t know who it is. I am so looking forward to your next book(s).

    1. Thanks Jill! Sorry about upsetting you lol. I appreciate you letting me know as I always do a happy dance when I hear someone enjoyed the book and is waiting for the next one. I’m writing as fast as I can ;).

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