The Circle of Talia Series—Awesome YA Epic Fantasy

Artwork for Shadows of the Realm Cover

Artwork for Shadows of the Realm Cover

The Circle of Talia is an epic fantasy saga and coming-of-age series for teens and adults. Join Bronwyn and Blayke, two young realmists, and their animal companions, as they are forced to leave the only home they’ve ever known to undertake a dangerous journey towards Vellonia, city of the dragons.

The gormons, banished to the Third Realm over 1,000 years ago, are invading, slipping through the corridors between realms, and they want blood, lots of Talian blood. Will the young realmists learn enough of the Second Realm magic to prevail, or will everything they love be destroyed?

Shadows of the Realm, the first book, and A Time of Darkness, the second, are available where all great ebooks are sold (links available here), and if paperbacks are more your thing, visit Amazon and pick yourself up a copy.


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10 responses to “The Circle of Talia Series—Awesome YA Epic Fantasy

  1. What’s your opinion of Smashwords and Amazon? Do you find one more advantageous than the other, or prefer one over the other?

    • Hmm, you could do a whole post on that! Smashwords gives more to the author and allows many different formats to be downloaded (kobo, kindle, iPad or nook) but Amazon has those important rankings and I think buyers find it easier to use. I would prefer if more people used Smashwords, but all I really want, is for people to buy my book, no matter where it is lol.

  2. authoraamir

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    Excellent post Dionne. I must say, SotR has great potential to be adapted to film. It has that intensity. : )))

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    Looking forward to this book. Very excited 🙂

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    Check out this exceptional fantasy read by my awesome TweepNation Co-Host… my only disappointment in this novel is the fact that it ended… Waited with baited breath for the second book in the series to come out this Spring!

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