Uni is upon me again and I must write weekly snippets to post on the board. This week we have been asked to tell our ‘life story’ in 250 words. Mine has gone off the rails a tad. I know I understand what I mean but maybe other people won’t. I’ve posted it anyway because I love to share. Here’s hoping someone else enjoys my autobiographical flash fiction.


What is relevant in the story of my life? Is it that I was born in Sydney to immigrant parents, or is it that I’m married with two young children? Many of the events that shaped me are hazy memories, some even appear as dreams: me as a five year old, lying in a white room on a cold, stainless steel table, staring at bright lights while a white-coated person stands over me. As a teenager, when I told my mother about this memory-come-dream, she advised that when I’d had meningitis, they extracted spinal fluid from me with a more-than-impressive needle, without anesthetic. She, sitting frantic in an adjoining room, could hear my screams: screams she would never forget. My life shaping experience had become hers.

What is the story of someone’s life? As I stand before you as an author, mother, sister, sports-lover and wife, does my backstory matter? My experiences are gone as soon as they occur, and I am this moment in time. The retelling is a reshaping, not a reliving—we can never go back. The relevant story of my life, to me, is what is to come. Since I am not who I was when I was born, my life unfolds moment to moment: the story ever beginning and ending, each moment becomes my story until it has passed—then it belongs to another.

28 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Autobiographical Piece (no I’m not flashing)

  1. Wow. That’s extremely moving, powerful. The things that remind us of the past. Hazy memories, distorted by memory but potent in expression, it remains to still on us. You’re not just a brillant author, but a wonderful human being. You’re amazing. There’s so much to you my good person. Dionne thank you for sharing segments from your life. : )

      1. I’m truly grateful to have your writing. : ) It was quite strong, feelings probably we’ve all experienced by just not in the same manner. But the feelings are quite alike in a strange but positive sense. ; )

    1. Wow thankyou to the insight of a first medical experience which could have ended more tragically. I am so glad it didn’t so I got meet such a beautiful human being, a gorgeous friend and super talented writer x

  2. What a fabulous piece to spring from a writing exercise! There is so much of you in this piece, Dionne, and that’s what makes it special. Your heartfelt voice, your wisdom, as well as your ability. It’s not just what you think, it’s how you think it. This makes for extremely engaging and moving writing. I agree with Aamir – you’re a wonderful human being and it’s nice to see it shine through your writing. 🙂 I’m glad Uni made you do this!

      1. Completely agree with Mel, and I must say, Mel has perfectly wrote down what I felt from your writing. Thanks Mel! : ) When an individual can see through another, it leaves you speechless, because they see who you really are. Its a heartfelt interaction. Mel and i can see you shine Dionne. You always will. : )

    1. Aamir – that’s so funny because I thought you had captured my thoughts perfectly, and I was trying to reiterate without copying what you said! And you’ve explained the interaction so well – very thought-provoking. 🙂
      On side note, I think, Dionne, you could write a stunning fiction character and story, borrowing from the emotions from your past. 🙂

  3. Hi Mel, : ) I’ve just seen a cover of your writing Turning, I must say, it seems very intriguing. Its not on the iBookstore. ; )

      1. That’s exciting! : ) It seems very much intriguing. No, I have no published books. Only unpublished concepts and ideas, but plan on writing a novella series. If I join WordPress, I’ll upload my flash-fiction, Pod. Truly grateful to Dionne, she had helped with my first draft. : ) I’m new to the writing world of recent, but have written and scrapped several concepts since the age of 18. I see them as a exercise experience. Thank you for asking Mel. : )

      2. Aamir, that’s fantastic that you have concepts and ideas ready to go. And publishing a novella is such a great way to practise the entire process of writing from concept to published piece. I highly recommend it. 🙂 I’ve learned so much by publishing a novella, and now I can take that with me as I write my first novel. I know already that I’ll be saving loads of time with my revisions because of what I’ve learned from working with an editor.

        Congratulations on uploading your flash fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed Pod! 😀 You’re great at building suspense and not giving too much away too soon. I couldn’t stop reading both parts. Will you continue it as a series? I hope Dahlia is okay! 😉

      3. Thank you so much Mel!!! : ) Really glad and excited you enjoyed Pod, after reading some great pieces of work from Dionne, the light bulb switched on and I felt something encourage me to give Pod a chance, originally it was to be a novella, but I grew fond of the micro-fiction. Pod was an experiment. ; ) Not that you mentioned it, I would have to wander what happened to Dahlia? ; ) Pod weren’t be a series, but I have a new concept for a novella kind of series. Need to practice a lot of reading & writing. ; ) Thank you so much for taking the time to read and enjoy Pod. : )

        It’s great to hear you are working on your first novel. I wish you great success. I hope to learn more about your work. : )

  4. Hi Dionne, I loved your piece. It was very honest and I think I agree – the relevant story is unfolding daily. Each day we become ‘us’.
    Keep writing XK

  5. Fresh, crisp and concise! Feeling inspired as you have just rekindled that writing spirit in me…Hope you get full marks, Dionne!x

  6. This is an interesting way to put it; it sounds like freedom, I think. The story happens, you take whatever you take from it, and you move on. So, in your estimation, we’re not the sum of our histories, not solely expressions of events and circumstances? We are something different every single moment?

    That is satisfying because it explains something I was struggling with in my Social Psy class… That, somehow, I’m not what one would think I should be just looking at the story of my life.

    Well stated, Dionne!

    1. Thanks Sahm :). I have to thank university for introducing me to new concepts. I think we are partly shaped by our experiences but we are constantly in a state of flux and we all contain contradictions. I am certainly not the five year old who was sick and I don’t know if I’d even recognise my 20 year old self lol.

  7. Hi D, that was the most concise, sharp and inspirational story, for only 250 words, I have read In a long time. I believe you will shine for your Uni., piece. One can ramble on for ages about nearly nothing, the secret of a good author, I believe, is to get it out there in a minimum of words and hold the reader’s interest. To achieve (what was required of you – 250 words), is most difficult. You have succeeded! It was quite powerful and had me in the moment with you. Always be as Bold and as caring as you are, it will bode you well in life! Best Wishes. Janice. :-))

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