Flash Fiction – A Million Little Pieces

This flash fiction was inspired by 30 Seconds to Mars’ song Search and Destroy (A Million Little Pieces). I entered it in a flash fiction comp but alas, it didn’t catch the judges’ eye. Not to worry, that’s why I have a blog. Maybe one of you peeps will like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

A Million Little Pieces

She stood on the creaking deck of an ancient ferry. A million little pieces. Her hands tightened about the railing. Debris from black clouds, invisible in the night sky, stung her face. Which were tears and which were rain; she no longer knew. Closing her eyes, she tilted her face to the infinite space above. A million little pieces.

She imagined she felt his hands about her waist, grounding her as gusting tentacles attempted to carry her off. Where she once felt his warmth, an aching imprint of lost passion burned through her pores. She willed the rain to scour her skin, rip the veneer of lust away. Her emotions possessed a deep rich bouquet, each drop extracted, consumed, and refilled on his whim. What was left fermented in a glass vial where no one could see.

He didn’t want what little was left. He had gripped the neck of the vial, had smashed it with a confident yet negligent thrust of his arm. Her vessel had shattered into a million little pieces, and her essence trickled into the cracks between the timbers, washing from railing to railing with the roll of the sea. She wished to be free but knew she was weak. But so was he.


“Let me go.” Even as she spoke she sank into his arms.

He smiled and shook his head.

As he possessed her once again, each shard stabbed a little deeper, and she wept for the love that was anchored in his intense, dark waters. She escaped the only way she knew how: into the depths of him.


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16 responses to “Flash Fiction – A Million Little Pieces

  1. Reblogged this on Helle Gade Photos and commented:
    My awesome Aussie friend Dionne made this:)

  2. Love it! Love and lust follow us where ever we go..More!

  3. Loved it, great story.
    Dionne would you be interested in following me in The Next Big Thing Blog Hop you can contact me at chkara.silverwolf@bigpond.com

  4. moonduster

    Love it! Full of lust and tragedy. Brilliantly written! 🙂

  5. Aamir

    Just read this Dionne! Very potent. Deep. Profound sense of feeling. Brilliant! Absolutely. : )

  6. Aamir

    You were successful. : ) Very welcome my good person. Your work and you as a person are an inspiration for me, always will be. : ) Many thanks Dionne. : )

  7. Very powerful reading – perhaps you should file this under ‘For Keeps’. I’d be very interested to know if this sparks any future full length story in years to come.

  8. Reblogged this on Dionne Lister – Author and commented:

    I’m busy finishing Realm of Blood & Fire, so thought I’d reblog an older flash fiction that I still love. Hope you enjoy it :).

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