This week, on episode 31 of Tweep Nation, we entertained Ben Ditmars and he entertained us with his amazing poetry. He’s an author who has self-published four books. We tried hard to talk about him but as you know, we have trouble sticking on topic. We managed to talk about roadkill, sex changes and school (interesting combination don’t you think?). Join us for another hilarious and informative episode. I’d also like to thank Bobbi Jo for saving the day at the last minute and doing Days of the Week.

8 thoughts on “Amber & Dionne’s Cat Fight Over Ben Ditmars

  1. I had a great time! Don’t forget me if you ever need to fill a slot 😉 … that may have sounded dirty. I apologize.

    1. That’s ok. Thanks for the thanks :). I agree; Ben is a good man. Yes, poop comes up every episode in one form or another, it’s just how we roll…

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