He, he, our guest today, on episode 30, was the fabulous Kelly Calloway: poet, English teacher and beauty salon owner. Boy did she have some hilarious stories to tell that involved waxing, butt cheeks and tents.

Bobby Jo gave an impromptu reading. We didn’t expect her to turn up, but Amber asked and wouldn’t you know, she was close by. We also found out that Miss Kelly hasn’t actually listened to our show before (off to the naughty corner with you!). We were able to set her straight on what goes on and I’m sure she’s a convert now. There is a lot of snorting on today’s show, so have an extra bottle handy. Get those shot glasses ready and turn on Tweep Nation.

8 thoughts on “Amber & Dionne Give Kelly Calloway a Crash Course in Tweep Nation

      1. You guys are hilarious. I don’t know why I was expecting a podcast about writing … penis segues, glued butt-cheeks, and, of course, Bobby Jo were worth it though!

    1. Roflmao! We did talk about poetry on that episode, I’m sure ;). The episode with your shoutout is up now. I have to do the blog post (I’m so slow). Thanks for listening, we appreciate the support!

      1. Thanks for that! I just listened.
        This is what I have to say:
        1. I’m so super stoked that you cited Roland Barthes, it made me geek out cos I’m obsessed with his active reading theories.
        2. Smashwords is way better than Amazon and Ben should defs put his stuff on it because then I would buy it, like I just bought your Dark Spaces. I love the flexible format options.
        3. I also use the word fucktard and coincidentally my word of the week this week is “fucktardian”, that is, of, relating to, or characteristic of a fucktard.

        … I should probably go get some work done now. Oh dear.

      2. Wow Holly I can’t believe you have such a connection to us lol. You so need to come on the show! We’ll schedule you in. I’m glad you know about Roland Barthes, it makes me look smarter lol. And thanks so much for buying my book! I hope you enjoy it and if you don’t, feel free to have a whinge lol.

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