Hey Everyone, hope you’re all well. I’m excited to tell you about a fantastic new book club—Club Fantasci. The club was born a few weeks ago. The proud father is David Lowry and his posse of intelligent, gorgeous co-hosts are Ciara Ballintyne, Shannon Million and myself, ahem.

Club fantasci covers all fantasy genres: from sword and sorcery to paranormal romance and sci fi. If you’re into any of these genres there’s sure to be something for you over the course of the year.Anyway, we read a book a month and then have a Google+ hangout to discuss our thoughts. These discussions are bound to get interesting because we’re all rather opinionated.

Club Fantasci members (and anyone else who’s curious) can send us tweets or messages on Goodreads or facebook to tell us what they think of the book, and watch our monthly discussion. There is also a ‘wine of the month’ featured (and no, you don’t have to be drunk to watch us, but it might help) and we try and pick a song we think goes with the book (but there won’t be any singing).

We plan to make it lots of fun. Our first meeting is on 31st August, 7 pm (Californian time), which happens to be 10 am Saturday morning Sydney time. The first book we’re reading is Erin Morgenstern’s—The Night Circus.

We can’t wait to see you, so join up now! (that might look like an order, but it’s more of an earnest request really).

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