Flash Fiction – For a limited time only

I’m entering the Stringy Bark flash fiction competition. It has to have a link to Australia. Part of the comp is a micro fiction of less than 100 words. I thought I’d post mine, which will be taken down after I’ve entered the competition.

Outback Lament

Cicadas screamed. A hot wind slashed stifling fingers through the ghost gums, sending leaves twisting to their final resting place. One leaf landed in an upturned palm. The outstretched fingers received the gift in cold indifference. Eyes, extinguished, couldnโ€™t see the beauty of the leaf. More tears from the ethereal trees covered the lost boy. The cicadasโ€™ dirge; a farewell song nobody could hear.


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42 responses to “Flash Fiction – For a limited time only

  1. wow, that’s awesome! Definitely enter it. But I don’t think the micro’s have to be Aussie themed just the 1000wd ones.

    I have a wordpress blog too so I’ll follow you:)

    Happy Writing today!

    • Thanks Kelly ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve just followed your blog too. Oh well it’s Aussie now lol.

      • It’s ok it’s Aussie! But if you enter another piece you can do whatever you like ๐Ÿ™‚

        Thanks for following my blog, I’m trying to build it up slowly while working on a novel that I can submit to publishers. But I do the contests every month too.

        You should put your photo on your gravatar ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I don’t know how to put my photo there lol I’m useless with technology.

  2. justinbog

    Way to get into the feeling of the lament, Dionne. I like the idea of micro fiction more now.

  3. I really enjoyed it…Best of luck Dionne!x

  4. Itโ€™s sort of like writing a sonnet. Restrictive limits can force us to write expansive ideas.

  5. Very beautiful, my friend. That little piece packs a mighty punch. Well done.


  6. Stunning. Almost like a prose poem!

  7. Love it hope you win !

  8. Great writing – eerie and ethereal – gave me the shivers!

  9. I love writing 100wd stories – I have dozens of them. I sometimes expand them into longer pieces too. They’re a hard contest to win though b/c so many people enter! I have better luck with 2-3000wd stories.

    How’s your longer piece going? Are you writing a new one?

    To add your photo, click on your name in the top right and go to your settings page. There is a link their called ‘edit your gravatar profile’ or similar. Click that and you should find the upload link next.

  10. Jane Isaac

    Very good, Dionne. Really enjoyed reading. Best of luck with the comp.

    • Thanks Jane. It now turns out I can’t enter this little story because i’ve ‘published’ it on my blog. But I’ll just write another one that no one is allowed to see lol

  11. Really nice work. I’m sorry to hear you can’t use this in the contest. It’s their loss. If I’m honest, I’m interested in publishing this in a print anthology. Pop over and take a look at what we are planning. If it interests you then send me an email.

    Kind Regards

    P.L. Dodds

  12. benditty

    You’re a genius, Dionne ๐Ÿ™‚

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  16. Absolutely loved it. Your great with words. Good luck:-D

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  20. I loved your Outback Lament micro-fiction. I too entered the stringybark flash fiction and micro-fiction comp. Did you end up entering another 100 word story?
    I was just trying to find their webpage when I came across your blog post. Did you see that they have a free micro-fiction comp? I was just trying to find out when it is due. Hope I haven’t missed the closing date. 100 words that must contain the words Senator, wedding and dog in the story!

    • I didn’t end up entering because the stories I was going to enter were ineligible because I posted them on my site, but I didn’t know they had a free one with those parametersโ€”that looks like fun! Thanks for letting me know Rachel :).

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