This week on Tweep Nation we had the pleasure of talking to the super fabulous Rachel Thomson (@badredheadmedia). She was generous in sharing information on how to increase your profile on social media and we discussed ways you can use the internet to sell your books. When the serious stuff was out of the way we discussed brazillians, gross stuff in our food and the perils of walking the streets with a 4 year old. Join us for some great info, and a few giggles, and oh dear the ‘f’ and ‘p’ words made an appearance. Will we ever behave?

4 thoughts on “Tweep Nation Ep 22 – Amber & Dionne Give Rachel a Brazillian

    1. It was an honour for us because you are one of the coolest Tweeps out there. You do so much to help authors and you are fun to talk to :). Can’t wait to have you back again Rachel, Miss fabulous redhead.

  1. Hello crazy women :))
    I don’t why but today i thought it was a good idea to listen your pcast under my umbrella on the beach…….let me tell you this ….i get some funny looks and perv guy to notice…..yes i was alone under that umbrella LOL
    I love the day of the week or month …so Anber pls don’t stop LOL and dont hate me much said if one person ask to you will do this ….i’m that person LOL.
    I want to hear next week (if you can pls ) ….what to do if we wake up to find our self in a list that say”Hot pussy that i like to lick” LOL …(not my words)and many other lists from the same person (all of them so beautiful in words like the first one)i end up blocking him but this not fun to do every week …LOL well it is a little but still not so good thing.

    And i will like to hear Gus ….Dionne pls make him say yes LOL …
    Well that a long comment …but i’m on the beach and you guys make me laugh alone crazy person(not that im not) Now it’s your turn to pay LOL

    1. Sorry for getting you in trouble at the beach lol. He, he Amber has to keep doing days of the week, hooray. You’re the second person who has told us, so thanks Staury. Ok I’ll work on getting Gareth on, it shouldn’t take too much prodding I hope.

      Wow that guy sounds like a creep! I haven’t heard of that before. We’ll definitely talk about it on the next podcast. There’s a lot of people on Twitter and the law of averages means some of them will be complete, and total nut cases (in a bad way).

      Thanks for listening every week Staury, we love you! xx

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