Ok, I just had to share this. I’m still laughing at the irony. If you haven’t seen one of these generous emails, here’s your chance. I don’t have time to write much here because I have to hurry up and provide my details because they don’t know my name, or they forgot to put it after the ‘dear’ because they’re so busy. I can’t wait to be rich, woohoo!







Attn:Honorable Beneficiary




This is to bring to your notice that Office of the Payment

Coordinator of Federal Republic of Nigeria has been appointed by the United Nations Organization to pay compensation payments to 100 victims of fraud.

This mandate came after several allegations and petitions was tendered against the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other Offshore Payment Centers across Europe,Asia and America at the last United Nations general meeting in the United States of America.The United Nations Security Council in agreement with the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other affected countries have agreed to pay a sum of US$3,000,000.00(Three Million

United states Dollars)only, each to all shortlisted beneficiaries as compensation before the end of this year 2011.

However,note that your information was listed as one of the

beneficiaries of the compensation exercise.To this development,you are advised to contact the Office of the Payment Coordinator Nigeria Dr Musa Abuganem through email ( abuganem@ymail.com ), telephone 2347080811028 , re

-confirm the  following information below to them for a final verification before payment.


Full Name:

Full Address:

Age/ Sex

Tel Number:


Yours faithfully

Mrs Inna Johnson

Secretary UN Desk London.



7 thoughts on “OMG I’m Rich!

  1. And for ??? amount of dollars you can claim your money!! I get so many of these. It amazes me that some of these are full of typos!

    1. I get a lot too, but I just loved how this was to pay back victims of fraud. You’d think I wouldn’t still be laughing at this stuff, but I do lol. Yes and they don’t even know your name. I want to know who the hell falls for them? Someone must or they wouldn’t bother.

    1. Or maybe we could soon see reverse psychology ones:

      Dear idiot,

      We’re informing you that you’ve received an inheritance, but we get to keep it if you don’t reply. So please don’t send us your bank account details, name and address because we want to keep the seven million pounds for ourselves.

      Ima Moron
      Arseholes incoroporated
      In cyberspace where you will never find me.

  2. I get a lot of those, too. My spam filter catches a dozen of them every week, all purporting to come from the United Nation, the Inland Revenue, the National Lottery or a deceased zillionaire whose eccentric will selected me as his heir.

    Like you, I’m startled by the spelling and grammar mistakes. You’d think someone impersonating a United Nations employee or a probate lawyer would spellcheck their emails. The explanation is, I think, that these are written by people whose first language is not English. They’ve cobbled these missives together from textbooks and dictionaries. Probably their victims aren’t good spellers either and don’t notice anything amiss.
    You wonder how anyone can fall for these? Easy. Semi-literacy combined with internet inexperience, a high level of stupidity and greed makes the perfect victim.

    Almost everyone will see through the scam, of course. But that’s ok. It takes a single gullible victim. If the fraudsters compose a new notification every day, send each to 100,000 random e-mail addresses for a year, eventually someone will fall for it. Just one victim is enough to make it worthwhile.

    By the way, although you know me as Rayne Hall, my real name is Samina Bint Osama, daughter of the late Bin Laden. Before his death, my father entrusted me with the the location of his buried treasure valued at 1,000,0000US$ in gold and informed me that a foreigner of your name was his heir. To prove your trust, please send me your credit card number, date of birth and mother’s maiden name, and $1,000 to pay for digging up the gold.

    1. OMG! Samina, thanks for picking me *jumps up and down with excitement*. I’m emailing you my details now *rubs hands together in anticipation*

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