Our guest today went MIA. We hope he’s ok and you’ll have to forgive my impression of him but what else could we do? Maybe he’ll be brave enough to try another day. Amber and I ended up chatting, as usual, and we’d love it if you’d have a listen. Let’s face it—there’s no better way to beat boredom than to listen to Tweep Nation (well there are but let’s just pretend).

5 thoughts on “Dionne & Amber lose their guest and find Dionne’s man voice

  1. Hello, Dionne. I don’t get the opportunity to listen each week, but I do subscribe to the podcast. Since my boys have graduated and finished school, I was finally able to sit down and catch up on my blogging, so I turned you guys on, so to speak. Very funny! I thought to immediately shave off my facial hair until you started speaking in your man-voice. That’s when I changed my mind. Yikes! 😉

    1. Roflmao! Thanks for listening this time. Yes, lucky I wasn’t born a man, I might have had trouble. Congrats on your boys graduating, you must be so proud :). Ooh, I’ll have to go and see what you’re up to on your blog.

    1. OMG, OMG, OMG! Peter come baaaaack! *Sighs and slaps leg* Dang I missed him again. You can fiddle with out microphones any time, we miss you 🙂

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