This book is an exceptional example of travel memoir. Trish Nicholson has recounted her trekking travels to Bhutan, a small country nestled against Tibet, which contains a rugged and spiritual landscape. Her story is filled with descriptions that make you feel as if you are sharing her journey over these amazing mountains—from the stomach-churning bus trips, to the precipices from which there would be no return if one slipped (and people apparently have). She deftly weaves in her personal journey, and that of her companions, with precision and humour. I found myself chuckling many times throughout the book at Trish’s anecdotes and observations of the people she was travelling with. The book also gives a very well researched background to this place, and is a must for reading if you are planning a first-time trip there. The writing is exceptional—Trish’s style clean, descriptive and metaphorical, paralleling her journey with that of the ancient streams that course through the mountains. Her recounting of the history adds to the atmosphere of this mystical place. This is an intelligent, thoughtful and entertaining book that I highly recommend. I’ve given it 4.5 snowflakes.

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