What didn’t we talk about today? My new book, Amber’s friend’s dream, jumping off moving horses and interesting recipe books ;). Warning: this episode contains hysterical laughter and gooey white stuff.  Gotta love our Tweep Nation podcast 😉

6 thoughts on “Books, Blurbs and Cooking With Amber & Dionne – Podcast 13

  1. Yay – must go follow everything the lovely uberbabes want me to do to enhance my dull existence. Must never look back…laugh forward.

  2. Hello, Dionne. You ladies cracked me up! I am unsure, however, if I can refer to Jane as “Giggles” anymore since it apppears that everyone who joins your podcast gets a case of the giggles. Thanks for the shout-out. That was awesome. I love your accent, so to hear you say my name was very cool. I am also eternally grateful that my name didn’t appear during the cooking segment. I was worried there for a few moments. *laughs* I was listening to you ladies while “attempting” to finish writing both a magazine article that was due, as well as my Monday blog post. It took forever because you had me in stitches!! 😉
    So funny!


    1. Rofl! Thanks for listening Jimmy. I would check the article and blog post very carefully and make sure there are no stray ‘s’ words in there 😉

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