Today on Tweep Nation we have a talented guest – Jeff Stalnaker.  In addition to our normal stupidity, silliness and laughter, we get to hear Jeff perform a new song.  Jeff has married his rockin’ music with Amber’s gritty poetry, for an awesome song called “Windsong Way.”  If you are a Michael Jackson fan, be prepared to be offended, sorry – well I’m not really, but anyway…

5 thoughts on “Wolf Whistles, Moobs and Windsong Way – Podcast Number 12!

  1. Ahahaa! Several things to say about the podcast:
    (In my best impression of Monty Python’s hedgehog) DINSDALE.
    That said, I have daddy issues Jeff und…Ich würde zahlen, um zu sehen Sie in den Wind pinkeln. Bwhahaa! Google translate that, I dare ya.
    Dionne’s American accent cracked me up as did Jeff’s Walter Matthau.
    The song rocked and made me wiggle the toes on my feet. Yes Amber, my bare naked feet. 😉 (giggles) FEET. I hear your boobs are out there. Why have I not seen them? Hmmm?
    I followed everyone I wasn’t already following that you suggested and will whip up spaghetti and caramel with tuna fish milkshakes for everyone while slapping faces with chicken wings upon request.
    Lastly, the way Dionne said zed instead of z rocked. I have to learn how to do a cool accent. My Monty Python hedgehog isn’t likely to get me laid.
    Time suck over. 🙂

    1. Guten Tag Maureen und danke, du bist einet schonen freund. OMG! Auto-correct works in German too, it seems, and now it’s underlining all the English words lol. Brace yourself: ~takes a run off and jumps into your arms~. I love you 🙂

  2. I have arms of steel baby. Arms. Of…wait. They’re kind of noodly. Give me a month on my bowflex and I’ll wing over to you myself. 😉

  3. I’m Dave, Dinsdale drummer, ….thanks for putting Jeff in your hot seat…and I truly enjoyed the podcast, you two are a riot to listen to! We’ll do our best to bring that song to life.
    Cheers, DC.

    1. Thanks for listening Dave. It truly is a great song. Can’t wait to hear it played with all of you. It’s going to rock! I never get tired of hearing someone enjoyed the podcast – so thanks for saying so 😉

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