Ball Tapping With Amber & Dionne

Our Easter special is here! Today it’s just Amber and I being rude and having a laugh – so, what else is new, you’re asking? Nothing really.  We play a game of “bullshit”, talk about eating chocolate for breakfast, trending hashtags, balls and lots more.  If you’ve loved our other episodes you’ll love this too.  You should appreciate that we’re embarrassing ourselves just for you because we love our Tweeps!/id499120247 Gee I’m sounding full of myself today – meh, get used to it (only joking)…


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2 responses to “Ball Tapping With Amber & Dionne

  1. I haven’t had time to listen to this yet, but I must admit the title is a bit disturbing to pristine readers like myself ~cough~ Glad to see you 2 ladies are still at it.

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