Ah we’re at it again but this time with technical difficulties. Amber talks too much to I tied her up and locked her in a cupboard. Our guest, Barry Crowther didn’t seem to mind so all’s good. He’s a successful noir crime/thriller author and his book covers are amazing (so are his books Amber assures me). Join us to hear some rational, informative conversation for a change – well it was for a while anyway. http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tweep-nation-amber-dionne!/id499120247

4 thoughts on “Podcast 9! Whispers From the Other Side – Oh Hang On That’s Just Amber In The Cupboard

  1. Do I dare listen? Amber stuffed in a cupboard 🙂
    I love stuffing and holidays and books with surprise endings so I’ll dare it.

  2. This was very funny! The glitches just added to the whole atmosphere and emphasized your point. I too have a video of my son “busting moves” and falling on his keester I think it’s on FB. As for the name of the tweep of shame? Ross-somebody-or-other, but that is all I remember of him. I deleted his DMs and unfollowed so can’t look him up either. Otherwise I would bust him out for cruelty to Dees. I still can’t believe he couldn’t get the point. What a moron.

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