An Unfamiliar Murder is Jane Isaac’s debut crime, thriller novel and it’s a real page-turner.  When Anna Cottrell arrives home to find a dead body in her lounge room she is not only in shock, but finds herself accused of murder.   It becomes DCI Helen Lavery’s first murder investigation and Jane expertly weaves Helen’s family life into the plot, so we see a side to her we can relate to.

At first it appears to be a straightforward case, but as Helen gradually uncovers a trail of unpredictable clues, including long buried family secrets, it seems it might already be too late.  DCI Lavery must use her experience and guile to outwit a murderer and her male superiors.

With believable characters setting a spritely pace, we eagerly accompany DCI Lavery on her quest to stop a killer and beat the patriarchal system she is a part of.  The book works it’s way to a thrilling apex, which I won’t divulge here.  You’ll have to go and buy the book and find out for yourself.  I give it 4 twinkly stars.

You can find Jane Isaac on Twitter @JaneIsaacAuthor, on facebook and on her website  Buy the book at Amazon

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