The Squirrel That Dreamt Of Madness

Craig Stone has crafted a fantastic story that merges philosophical musings with humour and suspense: even the cringe-worthy moments were enjoyable. If you ever wanted to read an hilarious story about a guy called Colossus Sosloss who decides to be homeless and lives in a park with mysterious, fearful characters, and hear some philosophical stuff at the same time – then this is for you.

While Colossus resides in the park, trying to find the meaning of something (is he trying to find himself or the meaning of life?) he finds himself unwittingly caught up in a mystery he must solve before something terrible befalls him.

With seemingly unrelated stories popping in to visit along the way, you will be pleasantly surprised when they all merge together and arrive on the same bus to greet you at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey through this original, funny and thought provoking book, which contains a riveting plot and likeable protagonist.

Craig has a fan for life because I loved, loved, loved this book.  One of my top ten best books of all time – yes you heard me (and no, he didn’t slip me a fifty).  Craig’s writing is in-your-face funny and genius, and he has crafted a story that stays with you long after the madness the squirrel dreamt of is gone.

You can follow Craig on Twitter @robolollycop and buy his books (he has just released another one called Life Knocks which I will review in a few weeks) at Amazon

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