Hey!  For everyone who actually enjoyed our first effort, here’s the second instalment.  Yes there is a mistake in there but we know you’ll forgive us 😉 http://www.newbiewriters.com/tweep-nation-podcast/

4 thoughts on “Tweep Nation Podcast 2 – Embarrassing Moments

  1. Very Good Podcast Girl’s!!!

    I enjoyed having the option of listening to the podcast as opposed to …read the news ?…LOL
    Amber i adore you girl !!!! Your stories had me laughing so hard it brought me to tears!
    And Dionne I could listen to your accent all dayLOL of course you know that not a Greek accent but 100% Cyprus(O God i hope i’m not sound like that) …and yes fathers still do things like that all the time here LOL I think is the water we drink or the Sun that makes so crazy …..
    Susan was fantastic in this i like her ….and the way she talks about the movies was very good!!
    I can’t wait for the next podcast !!!!

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