Hey, I was on a podcast! (sorry I’m easily excited)

Hi everyone,

I was lucky enough to be a guest presenter on a podcast today with Damien and Anne Naylor.  The podcast covers writing for the reader.  What are readers looking for and how can writers give it to them.  It’s kind of informative and full of Aussie accents. Please visit, hope you enjoy.  You can listen in at newbiewriters.com/podcast.


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12 responses to “Hey, I was on a podcast! (sorry I’m easily excited)

  1. Just listened & you came through nicely 🙂 Kept waiting for you to chime in earlier . . . You had good things to share.

  2. Very well done Dionne !!! you were very good up there(On Air)LOL and guess what no accent …..LOL …..S

  3. Finally a voice with the name 🙂 Good stuff Dionne, and you all sounded so relaxed and having fun, I anxiously await your next appearance. Dave.

    • Hey Dave! Thanks so much. If you want me on again you’ll have to campaign Damien lol. Miss Jane is on there next week as a guest, can’t wait for that one!

  4. Just listening to the part where you are telling everyone about the accents we tried to make you do… LOL 🙂

    • He, he, I wish I’d had the courage to be funny but it seemed a bit serious ;). We should have made the whole podcast about my twitter friends, I would have had some good stories lol.

  5. Hey My Wonderful Friend! I loved it – even without the Scottish accent – LOL You were fab, you came across really well and made some great points. Well done. Feeling proud of you (hope that doesn’t sound patronising – just that we are travelling this journey together). Whoop! Whoop!

    • You could never sound patronising! Thanks so much for listening and being proud of me ~blushing~. We are on this journey together and I can’t wait till I get to hear you next week – don’t forget to say hi lol.

  6. So great to hear your voice! Really enjoyed the podcast! Well done…

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