Life Knocks – The Review Craig Didn’t Want You to See (Ok so maybe I’m exaggerating)

“Life is like driving a bus into magicians; apart from the odd rabbit head landing on the bonnet, most of the moments you won’t see coming.”  Craig’s autobiography is peppered with his genius, colorful philosophies that give the book a unique and full-bodied flavour.  His memoir covers an intense period in his life, which is told with humility, humour and insight through the eyes of Colossus Sosloss.

After reading this you may ask, “What hasn’t Craig packed into his twenties?”  Answering the proverbial ‘knock at the door’ leads Colossus to moments of basking in the warmth of love only to have his eyebrows singed off, being mugged by drugs and alcohol, then systematically tortured by the tight-arse landlord from the planet of racist morons.  Colossus not only endures, but emerges with hope and a continuing love for his fellow man.

We can all learn something from Craig’s poetic, yet barefaced narrative while laughing and empathizing with his never-ending, sometimes self-imposed predicaments (he hasn’t learnt to say no).  I couldn’t put this book down and was annoyed at any interruptions such as having to eat, go to the toilet or sleep.

Craig’s second book, like his first (The Squirrel That Dreamt of Madness) has made it into my top ten, super duper, bestest books of all time.  This book’s a keeper, and it gets five, eyeball burning, super novas.

New, Fantabulous Earth First Magazine

Hello everybody (said in Grover’s voice).  Ok, some of you might have heard me mention the website I contribute to – Earth First.  Sol, the creator of Earth First, has recently used her enormous talent to bring to the world a gorgeous e-magazine that focuses on the little things we can all do to improve the health of the Earth and its inhabitants.  The magazine is available for iPad and the first issue is divine.

The plastics issue may not sound very exciting, but don’t let the subject fool you.  There’s an article about her friend’s attempt to live without plastic for one week – it was impossible and shows us how much we depend on this substance in our every-day lives.  One of my favourite pieces was an article I did (ok, not just because I did it), on a gifted artist who takes discarded plastic and reinvents it into stunning, ethereal pieces of art – you won’t believe how amazing the pieces are.  There is also a fashion spread on a label that uses recycled materials to design sexy, feminine clothes and great info on some decadent, organic cosmetics.

There’s more in there but I’ll let you discover it for yourselves.  So if you own an iPad and are looking for a new magazine to love, then this could be it.  I would give it twinkly stars, however you may not believe me because I am a little biased.  You can check it out here, go on it’s just a little click.

Podcast 6 – A Hairy Encounter With Author Jane Isaac

I was squealing with delight today as Amber and I finally got to have a real chat with one of our great Twitter friends, author Jane Isaac.  She’s so nice and didn’t even mind wandering off the topic of her book to chat back, crack and sack waxes.  Awesome Jane, you rock!  You can find Jane on Twitter @JaneIsaacAuthor and at her website

Listen to the podcast here

Get Familiar with An Unfamiliar Murder – Jane Isaac’s Debut Novel

An Unfamiliar Murder is Jane Isaac’s debut crime, thriller novel and it’s a real page-turner.  When Anna Cottrell arrives home to find a dead body in her lounge room she is not only in shock, but finds herself accused of murder.   It becomes DCI Helen Lavery’s first murder investigation and Jane expertly weaves Helen’s family life into the plot, so we see a side to her we can relate to.

At first it appears to be a straightforward case, but as Helen gradually uncovers a trail of unpredictable clues, including long buried family secrets, it seems it might already be too late.  DCI Lavery must use her experience and guile to outwit a murderer and her male superiors.

With believable characters setting a spritely pace, we eagerly accompany DCI Lavery on her quest to stop a killer and beat the patriarchal system she is a part of.  The book works it’s way to a thrilling apex, which I won’t divulge here.  You’ll have to go and buy the book and find out for yourself.  I give it 4 twinkly stars.

You can find Jane Isaac on Twitter @JaneIsaacAuthor, on facebook and on her website  Buy the book at Amazon