Christmissing in Westerham


Book 0.5: Paranormal Investigation Bureau Cozy Mystery


Would you risk your life to save Christmas?

When witch Lily discovers another witch stealing from a major department store, little does she know what she’s about to get herself into. Being Christmas, she doesn’t want to dob the woman into the Paranormal Investigation Bureau and have her arrested, but when Lily confronts the woman and things take a dramatic turn, she has no choice.

Lily calls her mentor and PIB boss, Angelica, who questions the woman and finds out what’s really going on. The woman has a good excuse but also needs their help tracking down and saving Christmas’s most important person—Santa.

Lily and Angelica undertake a secret and dangerous mission to save the big man in the red suit. If anyone finds out he’s real, the world will never be the same, and if the women can’t find him before Christmas, millions of people will have the crappiest Christmas ever, not to mention Mrs Claus would be heartbroken.

With the help and hinderance of Santa’s sexy elves, Lily and Angelica do their best to save Christmas, but can they wrap it up in time for Christmas Day, or will an evil organised-crime gang rain all over their Christmas parade and burst their Christmas baubles?