Hallelujah! It’s Tweep Nation with Reverend Amber, Dionne, Mark and Deena

Gee, is it that time again? Another week, another Tweep Nation podcast. This time we were joined by Deena Schoenfeldt and Mark Rice. After the shock of Amber’s confession wore off, we almost saw our first marriage on the podcast. It was also the first time we discussed getting your novel translated-it’s actually happening for Mark. His book Metallic Dreams has had some amazing reviews and is being translated into Greek! Deena runs ebookbuilders-a site dedicated to helping indies format their hard work into a book that looks gorgeous on a kindle. So join as as we giggle and groan our way through another fun episode.

Tweep Nation with Guest Author Maria Savva. Cut! Take Two.

Today, on Tweep Nation, we were joined by London Author, Maria Savva, who has written several books and has a smooth voice—love that English accent. I’ve read her latest book, A Time to Tell, which I’ve reviewed on my blog. We had to start twice because I stuffed it up (getting up early kills me). We chatted editing, writing and Twitter and there was a little bit of giggling (well what do you expect?). If you have the time and like to be entertained please join us.

This is Your Life – Amber & Michelle Spread the Love

Wow! On today’s Tweep Nation, Amber and I interview Michelle Franco, but there’s a twist. My birthday is occurring next Thursday and Amber decided to throw me a love fest. Things kicked off with Miss Michelle, awesome author of Where Will You Run, reading her This is Your Life dedication to me – I almost cried. Then Amber read me messages from all over the world (ok excuse me while I feel all important for a minute). I’d like to take a moment to say thanks for all the fantabulous birthday wishes – this is one birthday I will never, ever, ever forget. But don’t worry, we go on to talk about passing wind, assholes who don’t say sorry when they bump into you, and crying when your husband eats all your muffins.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mum’s who are listening, we hope you have an awesome day 🙂

Ball Tapping With Amber & Dionne

Our Easter special is here! Today it’s just Amber and I being rude and having a laugh – so, what else is new, you’re asking? Nothing really.  We play a game of “bullshit”, talk about eating chocolate for breakfast, trending hashtags, balls and lots more.  If you’ve loved our other episodes you’ll love this too.  You should appreciate that we’re embarrassing ourselves just for you because we love our Tweeps http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/tweep-nation-amber-dionne!/id499120247 Gee I’m sounding full of myself today – meh, get used to it (only joking)…