Dionne & Amber Speak Kangaroo to Derek McPhee

Hey everyone, it’s episode 24 and it also happens to be our guest’s birthday – Happy Birthday Derek. Wow, what a present—coming on Tweep Nation and listening to Amber snorting and Bobby Jo reading an excerpt from Amber’s erotic short story. I also enlightened Amber and Derek about Skippy, a great Australian show which we figured out is the Aussie version of Lassie. Derek is an author and has written a book based on the disastrous events in Japan over one year ago – the earthquake and tsunami. All in all, it’s still a happy show and Amber breaks her own record for the most snorts on the podcast! Enjoy.

Ep 23 – Amber & Dionne have a snortingly frank conversation with Ciara

Wow, Tweep Nation is up to episode 23 already! Today’s podcast was so much fun because Ciara was actually, physically sitting next to me. Imagine that, two Tweeps in the same room. I’d tell you what we talked about, but it’s more a case of what didn’t we talk about? It must have been funny because Amber snorted, several times. Ciara is a dragon and fantasy lover and you can follow her @ciaraballintyne on Twitter, or visit her fantasytastic website which has blog posts, book reviews and interviews (one is with me so you know she has good taste).

Kicking Ass With The Kevster – Podcast #14!

Hey guys and Tweep Nation podcast devotees lol, ok our beloved Tweeps, we were joined by the awesome Kevin Swarbrick, @KevinSwarbrick, on this week’s podcast.  He is such a great guy and he’s written two autobiographical books that rock!  Join us to hear Amber swoon over his northern English accent and me douse her with the hose, and see if you can understand Kev when he says Book and is that ‘look’ or ‘Luke’ hmm…

Podcast 9! Whispers From the Other Side – Oh Hang On That’s Just Amber In The Cupboard

Ah we’re at it again but this time with technical difficulties. Amber talks too much to I tied her up and locked her in a cupboard. Our guest, Barry Crowther didn’t seem to mind so all’s good. He’s a successful noir crime/thriller author and his book covers are amazing (so are his books Amber assures me). Join us to hear some rational, informative conversation for a change – well it was for a while anyway. http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tweep-nation-amber-dionne!/id499120247

#I Used to Love You – But Then The Lights Went On

Today on Tweep Nation Charity Parkerson and Melissa Craig, two fun gals, joined us to talk about the stuff they write – romance and erotica.  I don’t need to tell you we talked about penises (oh no, not again I hear you say), twitter and yurts, yes yurts.  Hopefully you are slightly curious as to how they actually go together, so come and listen :).

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