OMG, If You’ve Read Shadows of the Realm, You Have a Chance to Win!

Hey Everyone :). As a Christmas ‘thank you’ to all my wonderful readers, I’m running a competition. It’s been so amazing to have people read my book and let me know they’ve enjoyed it, and I wanted to return some of the love. I’m asking you to post your favourite quote from Shadows of the Realm on my Facebook author page or on Twitter (don’t forget to tweet it @DionneLister or I’ll miss it). The quote must come from Chapter 8 onwards. Each person can only enter once, as I don’t want it to turn into some crazy quoting of the whole book lol. There will be two winners—each will receive a $20 (US) Amazon gift voucher. The competition starts on 14th November, 2012 and I will draw the winners on 16th December 2012 (my Grandmother’s birthday), wherein I’ll announce the results on my Facebook Page. So, if you haven’t yet bought your copy, go now. Good luck you Awesome Peeps!

Do You Like Voting? Boy, Have I Got Something For You!

I know some of us absolutely love voting, and elections can never come around quickly enough.  So, lucky then that the Sydney Writers Centre is holding a blog competition.  I won’t bore you with any details, except to say, vote for me, vote for me now!  Sorry for being pushy, but you know, if I don’t win, I will cry.  What do you mean you don’t care if I cry?  Well that’s just mean :(.

For those of you who are kind enough to push a button, which incidentally, takes less time than picking your nose, press my button, please.  Here it is, the big, shiny button that you need to press, for me >>>>>>>>>>>>>>  >>>>>>>>>>>>People's Choice Award

Did I mention I want world peace?

Voting closes 9th May, 2012, and may the best blogger win – as long as it’s me.