OMG! I’m so excited! I just received the final cover images from Robert Baird, cover-guy extraordinaire, and my cover is full of super awesome fantasticity (if you can’t make up a word at a time like this, when can you make one up?). A Time of Darkness, second book in The Circle of Talia series, is going to be released in the next couple of days, but until then, here is the blurb and the cover, which depicts a scene from mid-way through the book. I hope this gets all you readers excited (I know I am). Now excuse me while I continue jumping around the lounge room :).

A Time of Darkness Cover
A Time of Darkness Cover

While Bronwyn languishes in a cell in the bowels of Vellonia and the dragon king argues for her death, the gormons are one step closer to destroying Talia. To add to The Circleโ€™s problems, Leonโ€™s plans to overthrow his brother, King Edmund, are moving ahead faster than anyone could have imagined, and someone will die as a result. The realmists and dragons are doing all they can, but how could it possibly be enough when thousands have already been slaughtered?

The prophesized time of darkness, a time the realmists have dreaded for the last thousand years, has begun.

20 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: A Time of Darkness

  1. It may be blasphemous but I’ll say it anyway: I’m glad I didn’t read Shadows of the Realm when it first came out. I only had to wait a short but agonizing while for A Time of Darkness to be released. It looks like another winner from my very talented friend.

  2. Dionne, it looks fabulous! I KNOW you’re excited and I’m excited for you! REALLY looking forward to reading!

    1. Hi Rhiannon! Thank you so much and yes. I tell him what I envisage and he makes it happen beyond what I could ever hope for. He really is talented.

  3. Dionne! It looks fantastic!!! Yes, Robert is so talented. The gormon freaks me out, and there’s so much personality in Verity. Top job for a top series!!

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