In the big push to get my book out there, I found a great website, Grub Street Reads. These girls have come up with a great idea for recommending indie books. They have a sound criteria of what makes a good book—rounded characters, consistency in plot and character actions, pace, grammar, spelling, overall plot (you get the picture). When they recommend a book, the reader knows it is going to be of a certain standard.

I applied to them and waited, only a couple of weeks, for the outcome. I must admit, my nails are shorter; it’s always nerve-wracking when someone is ‘judging’ your work.

I am so pleased to announce that I passed the test. My fantabulous book (if I do say so myself) Shadows of the Realm, is now recommended on their website and I get a cool badge to display on my cover and my website. The badge reminds me of the little medals they stick on wine bottles. They also had this to say about my book which makes me smile every time I read it:

You have done a great job of creating characters with distinct voices and personalities. It was a pleasure to go on this epic journey with them. 

So if you’re a reader looking for a good book, visit their site, they obviously have good taste ;). Ok, well I’m off to continue my happy dance then I think I’ll need a little nap.

9 thoughts on “Shadows of the Realm Earns its First Badge

      1. Ha! I’m sitting in my chair, but my symbol is doing a happy dance for you! hehehe. Yay, got my Kindle – can’t wait to get back on tonight and see what the gang gets up to. 😀 I’d be further in, except for an avalanche of activity happened end of last week just as the K arrived. I’ll email about it, so I don’t spam your comment box. 🙂

  1. That is fantastic news! Congratulations. Your book is definitely in my queue. I visited their website and I think they are on the right track. It will be a great resource for indie-authors.

    1. Thanks Jerry. Ooh, glad I made your queue. I think it’s good because they seem to have good systems in place. It will at least take all the guess work out of picking something to read and means authors (like you and I) who go through the pain of editing and polishing, have a way to let people know we’ve got a decent product.

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