Hey, got everyone’s attention now?  That’s good.  This post isn’t actually about boobs, believe it or not.  I know they’re a good subject, especially if you’re a hetero man – the reason that is my heading is, we (my tweep friends and I) were advised by another friend that one of his friends (grandmother’s cousin’s hairdresser) put the word ‘boobs’ on her blog and a pic of her in a tank top and voila – 1500 hits in one day!  Now who doesn’t want 1500 hits in one day?

So that was the experiment.  Should I post a photo of my boobs in a tank top?  I’ll take votes on that, but I’m wondering if the heading alone will get those perverts over here.  Hey pervies – surprise!  The surprise is there’s no surprise.  This is not a porn site – ooh I wonder if that word will get more hits too – or will I just get banned from wordpress?

So I now have some apologizing to do:  Sorry to those that visited expecting to see perky, sexy boobs and sorry to the sensible people who wanted to read an interesting blog – this post is neither sexy, nor interesting, but I had fun doing this experiment and I’ll let you all know if it worked.

36 thoughts on “Boobs, boobs, boobs

  1. Yes, if this works I am going to work the word Boob into my blog title. Great post and though not a perv (I think) here is one hetro male vote for your boob tank top pic 🙂

  2. Interesting experiment… lets see how many hits you get from ‘boobs’ searches, however, do you think people searching for boobs will come back and read your other posts? That’s the real experiment 🙂 You’re mad you are, love it!

    1. Hi Susi, you might have a point there, but one day of excitement watching my stats go up is better than none lol. My madness is my most prized possession 😉

  3. I’m stealing this experiment today. I had no clue what I was going to write about until now.But because I’m such a horrible person that must, MUST take things a step further, I’ll definitely use a much more taboo word. Thanks for the post idea!

  4. I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award! Stop by my blog and check out the details! v3ronicavida.com

  5. Dionne, you do whatever you want with your boobs, but be careful about what kind of crowd you want to attract. Some scary pervs out there. 1500 hits is beautiful, but…

    I don’t know. I feel like I’m starting to become my grandmother, and that scares me.

  6. Took me a while to find out that 4 in the morning is now my boob blogging time. Hey, maybe nursing babies really do know what they’re doing.

    Genius Dionne. 😉

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